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In order for your customers to feel right at home, you have to keep your car wash as clean and presentable as possible. The right car wash bay cleaning chemicals can help, and we’ve got the top products available here at JBS Industries.


Build Your Brand on Good First Impressions

Bay and wall cleaner for car washes is an absolute must. You need cleaning solutions strong enough to get rid of the grit and the grime your equipment is removing from cars every day. Few companies understand how to do that the right way. Where automobiles require a gentle touch, the structure of your car wash bays can take a beating. Cut down on the physical work required by using an automatic and self-service car wash bay cleaner that packs a punch!

It’s important when using any strong cleaner to take the necessary precautions. We have wash bay cleaners for car washes that are good to go straight from the bottle, and we have self-service car wash bay cleaners in concentrate. The second type is quite dangerous in its premixed state, and attempting to clean your structure before watering down the solution could result in damages or injury.

What does that mean really? It says quite a lot about the level of cleanliness you’ll get from our bay and wall cleaners for self-service car washes. The heavy-duty products we’ve developed are capable of cutting through road sludge left behind after a day’s washes. These products then wash cleanly away.

Our self-service car wash bay cleaner won’t leave any sticky films behind to collect dust and debris during washes. Customers won’t have to worry about getting nasty residue on their clothing, either, and you won’t be plagued by lingering chemical smells.

Ultimately, these benefits combine to create a clean, fresh image that will assure clients that your facilities are the place to get their vehicles spic and span. You’ll also increase your perception of value, which has a marked impact on lowering crime and also encourages customers to pay more for your services. The advantages of a spotless facility can’t be underestimated.


Wash Bay Cleaning Basics

Cleaning a wash bay is unlike cleaning any other facility. A car wash is a unique operation in which several considerations affect the best approach to the job. Though a wash bay may seem like a clean environment, in fact, it presents the ideal conditions for contamination. Moist, dark spaces are bacterial and fungal hot spots. Soapy overspray can bounce back against walls and harden. Debris and grime will accumulate on floors, clogging up drainage if not properly dealt with.

In short, there is a clear need for effective products and strategies when working in a car wash bay. Ongoing cleaning should be a staff priority. Managers should invest in specially designed detergents and chemicals that will expedite the cleaning process. Most importantly, all team members should be engaged in the process and educated on the benefits of keeping the workspace clean.


Understanding the Risks of a Dirty Wash Bay

Professional-grade car wash bay cleaning chemicals are your first line of defense against dirt, grime and contaminants. Unless you regularly clean your bay with the right products, your business can suffer in several ways:

  • Lost business. Customers who drive their cars into your wash bay will be immediately turned off by the sight of moldy walls and dirty floors. Without a positive initial impression, customers are likely to be less satisfied and less willing to return to your operation for future work. Even if clients never see the inside of your facility, strong mildew smells can linger on vehicle upholstery. Often, these smells become commonplace and difficult to notice, negating the effects of the fine detailing work done by your crew.
  • Health hazards. Mold and mildew are allergens that can impact the health of your employees with long-term exposure. This leaves you open to potential liability in the event of illness. In addition, unclean bays can be slippery and dangerous, increasing the risk of an on-the-job accident. Having the proper car wash bay cleaning chemicals on hand is part of your due diligence in maintaining a safe and productive workplace.
  • Increased maintenance costs. If not properly cleaned, mold, mildew, dirt and grime can accumulate in your equipment and drainage systems. This leads to higher maintenance costs and shorter lifespan for items such as vacuums and shampooers. A small investment in regular cleaning will prevent damage and wear on your equipment and infrastructure, keeping your overhead costs lower in the long run.
  • Lower productivity. Dealing with the issues associated with an unclean wash bay is a major drain on your productivity. Besides the immediate impact of lost business, health and safety issues and machine failures, the above concerns all prevent staff from working at their full capacity.

For these reasons and more, in a car wash, wash bay cleaners are essential. JBS Industries manufactures a range of highly specialized products designed to cut down on cleaning times without compromising safety and sanitation. Our products are ideal for both automatic and hand car washes and can be used in bays, gutters, canopies and throughout your facility. Use our cleaners on painted tile, brick, concrete and any other material.


Protect Your Image for Less

Our company began making professional cleaning chemicals all the way back in 1979. Unlike other companies, we started with car wash products. This is our specialty, though we have gone on to create expanded product lines.

We also have former car wash owners on staff capable of weighing in with their thoughts on what features are most important. And you can trust our products to deliver the goods! From foaming cleansers with fantastic fragrances and dog washing products for pet owners seeking bathing convenience, we have products tailored to every aspect of car wash services and care. Our self-service car wash wall cleaner, for instance, is excellent at removing buildup. We also offer you plenty of ways to save on your purchase.

Get the self-service and automatic car wash bay supplies you need at a price you can afford. We sell in bulk units, so you get savings whenever you buy our top-quality products. Save your money in order to make other investments in your business. Talk to a sales associate at JBS today!

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