Island Punch Glow Foam

Island Punch Super Protectant

Island Punch Super Detergent


The Island Punch product line is infused with an advanced fragrance formula with 3 phase scents that last longer than traditionally scented formulas. These formulas not only deliver an incredible fragrance, they perform expertly in tunnels, automatics and self-serve bays.Ā  Amaze your customers with the scent of the islands today!

  • Island Punch Glow FoamĀ® is a great choice to replace any traditional tri-color product. This brightly colored polishing formula won’t stain, and delivers wonderful color and smell to any self-serve, friction or touchless application. Available in pink, blue and yellow.
  • Island Punch Super Protectant uses the best in protectant technology. This product is a premium sealant designed to enhance all clear coat finishes. Island Punch Super Protectant contains Carnauba wax and silicone enhancers to provide the ultimate in gloss and protection that will keep vehicles looking like new! Designed for both high and low-pressure applications.
  • Island Punch Super Detergent is an incredible universal orange detergent. Island Punch Super Detergent can be used on the curtain and wrap cycles with excellent lubricity and foaming action or used as a high pressure soap.


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