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Car Wash Tire Cleaner

Customers rate your cleaning services based on how you clear mud from tires and wheels while protecting the rubber and metal. These parts require extra care because of the many corners that dirt can stick to. You need a car wash wheel cleaner that soaks the dirt and removes it within seconds. At JBS Industries, we produce tire cleaners with a chemical composition that softens dirt while protecting rim metals and rubber. Contact our team to purchase wheel cleaner in bulk to reduce your operating costs and increase your revenue.

Our Selection of Wheel and Tire Cleaners

We produce cleaning products that cleanse aluminum alloy, steel, chrome and plastic wheels and leave them with a sparkle. Our team uses different chemical compositions for friction and frictionless car washes to protect vehicle bodies and tires from wearing out, whether you're cleaning minivans, salon cars, trucks or SUVs. Our team manufactures concentrated cleaners with a high dilution ratio in every package you buy. We pack the cleaning agents in large quantities to enable you to save on the cost of shipping and control your overhead costs. You can buy cleaning agents in 5-gallon cans in bulk, and we will deliver them to your facility.

Wheel & Tire

Action® Tire Cleaner – (AT-130)

High pH alkaline wheel & tire cleaner
Cuts brake dust, grease and grime
Fresh lemon scent

COMPASS High pH Wheel & Tire HPC – (CPS-500)

Hyper Concentrated high pH alkaline wheel & tire cleaner
High foaming

COMPASS Predator® HPC – (CPS-501)

Hyper Concentrated high pH wheel & tire cleaner
Polymer formula with advanced cleaners
Best used in friction applications

COMPASS Low pH Wheel & Tire HPC – (CPS-502)

Hyper Concentrated low pH wheel & tire cleaner
Softens and removes brake dust quickly
To be used in a CTA application

Wheel Kleen Low-pH CTA – (TR-105)

Low pH wheel and rim cleaner
Safely removes carbon, oxide films and brake dust buildup
Great for self-serve applications

Ultimate Wheel & Tire – (TR-115)

NEW! wheel & tire cleaner
Tough on road contaminants leaving a spotless surface ready for tire gloss
Brilliant violet color and a fresh lemon scent

JBS Tire Gloss W/B – (ST-350)

Water based car wash tire dressing
Leaves a glass-like finish
Adds protection to tire surface

JBS Super Tire Gloss W/B – (ST-352)

Ultimate water based car wash tire dressing
Leaves a superior glass-like finish and lasing protection
Best used as a luxury add on profit center

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Would you like to increase your facility’s efficiency to get more positive customer reviews? Contact our team to buy wheel cleaners in bulk for quick delivery anywhere in the United States.

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