JBS IndustriesĀ® is excited to introduce a Car Wash Profit Center to increase top car wash package sales – The Shine TimeĀ® Sales Program including the newest addition to Shine TimeĀ®, GRAPHENE!

Car Wash Profit Center

To drive top car wash sales

High Impact Site Marketing

To differentiate from the competition

State of the Art Technology

Modern Ceramic and Graphene chemistry

30 Day Shine and Protection

Keeps vehicles shinier longer

Shine TimeĀ®

This revolutionary Shine TimeĀ® Ceramic chemistry provides car wash operators with an opportunity to offer your customers a new exciting Protectant that produces an instant, noticeable shine.Ā  The result is higher sales per vehicle and happy, satisfied car wash customers.

Ceramic Technology

For many years, ceramic automotive technology has only been available to consumers in Detailing shops and Auto dealers. These treatments utilized polysilizanes fusions and heat lamp processes that required hours of curing time & special training and equipment.

Today, JBS IndustriesĀ® has created a formula that has superior Hydrophobicity which means it ā€œhates waterā€. This formula also contains Hydro Carbons which enables the water to be displaced faster than conventional protectant technology.

JBS IndustriesĀ® has simplified Silicone Dioxide, (SIOā‚‚), technology to produce a modern Ceramic protectant chemistry that has similar properties and results of expensive Ceramic treatments and brought this wisdom to the commercial car wash industry. The Shine TimeĀ® formula produces a ā€œself-cleaningā€ effect whereby the applications in Arches and In-Bay automatics car washes adhere to positively-charged modern clear coat paint finishes and repel negatively-charged dirt and grime.



Discover the future of car care with our toughest shine & protection formula. Surpassing ceramics,
it repels water effortlessly with a single-layer of Graphene technology. Rejuvenate your vehicleā€™s shine from paint
to trim, while supercharging waxes for long-lasting protection without any drying agents!




Shine Time Products

Our Shine TimeĀ® delivers hand wax quality shine and protection to all modern paint finishes and trim. Discover the formula that best fits your needs.

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