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Car Wash Detergents

When looking for commercial car wash soap, you need a solution that will save business money, please your customers and attract new buyers. Our concentrated detergents polish your customers' cars inside out. We use chemical composition with a high dilution ratio, so you can clean more cars with our 5-gallon container compared to using standard pre-diluted detergents. Our team has over 40 years of experience manufacturing gentle car cleaning compounds. Browse our products and choose a detergent to increase your facility's efficiency and generate more revenue.

Our Selection of Car Wash Foam Detergents

We manufacture low and high-PH detergents for neutralizing dirt with different mineral compositions. We recommend spraying your customers' cars with pre-soak to melt dirt and make work easy during the main wash that relies heavily on detergent. Our detergents produce enough foam to wipe off the dust from windows, bonnets, car seats and boots, leaving your customers' vehicles smelling fresh. We've created various scents to increase your popularity among customers with different tastes.


Cotton Candy Foaming Soap– (CAN-200)

Concentrated Scented Foaming Soap
Great Thick Foam & Lubricity
Amazing Cotton Candy Scent

Magic Mango Mega Foam – (DT-210)

Concentrated Scented Foaming Soap
Great Thick Foam & Lubricity
Amazing Magic Mango Scent

COMPASS Low pH Detergent HPC – (CPS – 101)

Hyper concentrate formula
Low pH friction detergent
Excellent lubricity

COMPASS Foaming Brush HPC – (CPS-300)

Hyper concentrate formula
Unbeatable foam and lubricating action
Pink/Cherry, Blue/Bubble Gum, Yellow/Citrus

Body Detergent HPC – (CPS-401)

Hyper concentrate formula
Neutral pH self-serve detergent
Blend of surfactants that softens road film

Thick & Foamy – (DT-150)

Universal pH balanced body detergent
Improves performance of rinse aids and protectants
Biodegradable and phosphate-free

Final Curtain – (DT-160)

Low pH friction detergent
Formulated for maximum foam and lubricity
Aids in quick drying times by repelling water

Winter Foam Brush – (DT–250)

Non-freezing self-serve foam brush formula
Available in white,pink,yellow, and blue
Effective in temperatures down to -50° F

JB-55 Foam Brush Plus – (DT–230)

PH balanced self-serve foam brush formula
Unbelievable foam and lubricity
Available in various customer pleasing colors and scents

Get Bulk Car Wash Detergent Today

Would you like to increase your bottom line with bulk car wash detergent? Contact our team to help you choose the right car wash detergent quantities to attract more customers to your facility. Our team can advise you on utilizing detergents for your friction and frictionless car wash to keep your customers satisfied.

We can also answer your questions about setting up your automatic car wash to maximize the usage of every gallon of detergent.

We work with car wash owners all over the United States through our network of distributors and delivery partners. If you’d like to become a protected distributor of JBS Industries products in your local area, reach out to our team.

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