Adding a Pet Wash Station to Your Car Wash

 Are you wondering if you should add a pet wash station to your existing car wash facilities, or are you hearing of a pet wash station for the first time? Either way, pet wash stations are a relatively new creation, and they are springing up at car washes in many major cities all over the country. They make a great addition to an existing car wash facility, as they are relatively compact and use many of the same types of installations, water treatments and chemical suppliers as your regular car wash.

Building a stand-alone self-serve pet wash represents a huge investment, and there’s nothing to supplement your income while you’re trying to create a name and grow your business. When you add a dog wash station to an existing car wash, however, you’re leveraging your name, reputation and location to appeal to new customers as well as providing added value to your existing customers. It’s also a great way to stand out from the competition and add some marketing muscle to the regular car wash portion of your business.

 In search of high-quality dog wash supplies? JBS Industries has exactly what you’re looking for. Our top-performing products clean a dog’s coat in one wash and employ the latest advancements in pet care technology to help dogs look and feel their very best.

Small Space, Big Benefits

 Adding new wash bays to your existing car wash is a big investment. They take a lot of space and require significant modification to your parking and driveways. If you’re looking for an investment that has a smaller footprint but can still bring in good money, consider a dog wash station. Here are some of the great benefits of adding a pet wash station:

  •  A pet wash station doesn’t have to take a lot of room. Many of our customers start with one small space to feel out the market and create demand before adding others. You can either convert an underused bay or add a small space or room in a vacant area of your property without a huge addition.
  • Pet wash stations use water and drainage like any self-serve car wash bay, so it’s a natural extension of your core business. It’s relatively easy to add the piping and water recuperation systems and connect them to your existing installations. Our pet wash stations are designed for fast, easy installation.
  • You are offering significant ‘added value’ for your existing customers. Many might not think of bringing their pet to a car wash, but when they see the pet wash area you install, they’ll quickly understand the time-savings this offers and bring their dog or pet along for the next wash!
  • If you already purchase car wash products, supplies and chemicals from us here at JBS Industries, or are considering doing so, it’s easy to add pet wash-specific soaps, chemicals and tools to your monthly orders. As with our car wash products, our self-serve dog wash chemicals, supplies and products are of the best quality and value.
  • Adding a pet wash station is a great way to draw attention to your car wash facility. With print, online and word of mouth advertising, you can attract customers to your wash facility with the addition of a pet wash. Many customers likely haven’t even heard of a pet wash station before, so be the first in your area!

Competition for car wash customers can be fierce. Keeping current customers and attracting new ones is a constant challenge. If you feel that your business is stagnating, consider adding a self-serve dog wash and become known as a creative, innovative business with a real advantage over other carwashes.

Many Great Advantages for the Loving Pet Owner

 Pet owners take their cuddly critters seriously. When it comes to bathing time, however, things can get complicated. Pet owners who wash their pets at home have to put up with water and dirt everywhere and spend time cleaning up after their dog or other pet is washed. Using a professional groomer is a tidier option, but it can cost a small fortune. This is where your pet wash station provides real value to your customers: It’s both cleaner and more affordable than home or groomer washes.

Pets will also benefit from our top-quality, self-serve dog wash products:

  • Clean dirt, grease or stains from a dog’s fur
  • Kill ticks and fleas and provide pest prevention
  • Sooth sensitive skin and injuries
  • Remove stubborn odors
  • Restore a sleek shine to a dog’s coat

The right dog wash products will make bathing and coat care simpler and easier for any pet professional.

At JBS, we’ve developed a line of trusted dog bathing supplies gentle enough to keep your pet’s skin and fur in tip-top condition while delivering the help and protection they often need. Self-serve dog wash chemicals don’t have to be harsh — not even affordable products available at a steep discount. Our dog bath products, for instance, are kept low in price through high-volume sales and bulk order discounts.

We know many dogs are curious and energetic companions who often wind up in sticky situations. Our tearless dog shampoo will wash away mud, sap and other stubborn substances from of your dog’s fur. It’s even safe to use around your pet’s eyes. We have a special oatmeal treatment shampoo as well that’s perfect for four-legged friends who also suffer from sensitive skin, or who’ve recently experienced a nasty sting or bug bite.

In addition, some of our self-serve dog wash supplies are designed more for the sake of humans than their pets. Odor-control formulas help even the smelliest dogs enjoy time indoors with their owners, and flea and tick treatments prevent incessant scratching and the spread of pests in your home.

Of course our lineup of excellent dog bathing supplies goes hand-in-hand with one of the other great advantages of bringing an animal to your pet wash bay for cleaning: keeping the mess out of your home. Anyone who has tried washing an uncooperative pet in a home bathtub knows how difficult and messy it can be. Bathtubs are usually too low to wash at properly and comfortably. Once your customers are done washing their dog or pet at your wash station, they will find there’s no soaking wet bathroom floor or grimy bathtub to wash out. That’s a real plus that will keep them coming back — time and time again!

You’ll quickly see how precious your customers’ pets are to them. Provide them with safe, effective and economical pet wash products and offer them the convenience of a pet washing station at your car wash location — and they’ll be customers for life. The safe and effective dog bathing chemicals we’ve developed will help you provide superior results to your clients, giving you a leg up on your competition. Learn how to boost your profits! Speak with a JBS Industries sales representatives about bulk orders today.

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