The Benefits of a Self-Service Car Wash Station

Looking for affordable car wash products for self-service car washes? You’ve found an expert source! Our self-serve car wash products are developed in part by former car wash owners. We know exactly what our clients expect and the type of performance they need to get a leg up in any market.

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How to Provide Your Customers With the Best Self-Service Car Wash Equipment

It’s easy to forget there’s more to self-serve car washing than watering down an automobile. We have access to the best innovations in the industry. Enjoy especially effective pre-soaks or detergents containing quick drying agents. Use foam cleansing products with vibrant new colors and smells and become the go-to car wash in your area regardless of what the other shops have to offer.

A vehicle is one of the most expensive purchases you’ll likely make, so it’s important to take pride in your ride and keep it clean — and to provide that option for your car wash customers. Therefore, whether you are starting out or already own a facility, you might be asking yourself if you should add a self-service station for car washing.

If you do go that route, there are several ways you can ensure your business is attracting new customers and keeping your current customers coming back:

  •  Keep your facility clean: The cleanliness and attractiveness of your facility is critical. People driving by might not even stop in if your car wash doesn’t look good from the street. Keep everything neat and tidy and ensure you’re up to date on your building and yard maintenance. If your car wash is dirty, potential customers are going to keep on driving to find another one.
  • Offer modern equipment: Try to keep your self-service car wash equipment modern and functional. With a self-service bay, customers get up close and personal with the condition of your equipment. Leaking sprayers and hoses, broken and plugged drainage systems, underpowered, malfunctioning vacuums and dim or flickering lights all discourage customers from visiting your car wash.
  • Make car washing handy: If you provide all of the necessary supplies and products for hand washing a car, your customers will be more inclined to visit often and stay a while. A vending machine with self-serve cloths and sprays for car exteriors, interiors and tires make it very convenient for visitors to your site. Build your reputation as a convenient car wash location with everything readily available.
  • Add value to every visit: Customers love when they feel like they’re getting value for their money. Not only will they be more inclined to come back for another wash in the future, but they will also be more likely to tell others about your self-serve car wash. Adding great features like vending machines, vacuum stations and dog wash stations can go a long way toward creating that value customers are looking for. This turns your car wash from being a quick stop to a destination for all their car and pet-cleaning needs.

We help you build and maintain a reputation capable of creating a loyal customer base. Forget the marketing gimmicks that risk driving your profits into the ground. Rely on self-service car wash products that deliver! Quick one-wash cleanings, fast no-streak dry jobs, and fun and effective products like our tri-foam car wash supplies for self-service car washes will help you make a name for your business.

Go Above and Beyond

In addition, we sell products useful in other applications, from cleaning solutions perfect in power washers to self-serve dog wash supplies. Didn’t you know pet owners sometimes use your equipment for washing their furry friends? We guarantee it’s happened more than once, and if you stock the right materials, you’ll be sure to get a steady flow of business from people needing the perfect place to give their dogs a bath!

If you’re in the self-serve carwash business or are thinking about getting into it, remember that the best way to build a reliable customer base is to go ‘above and beyond’ and make sure your carwash stands out from the crowd. Even if you’re the only car wash in town, customers need to see that there are real advantages to visiting your facility, rather than simply washing their vehicles at home.

Providing wash bays that are suitable for trailers, 4-wheelers and motorcycles, for example, add to the appeal of your self-serve car wash. Having lots of different self-service car wash supplies and products available 24/7 in vending machines also makes your car wash a handy solution for all-day visits. Unique equipment like vacuuming and pet-washing stations increase the appeal of your car wash significantly, and you’ll draw in passersby as well as regular customers who consider your car wash a destination.

Everything you Need Here

Whether you’re ordering dog wash supplies for self-serve washes or restocking your general self-serve car wash supplies, you can save and still get top-quality merchandise with JBS Industries. We support business owners in their quest for greater products, regardless of the size of your operation. Our bulk units are delivered in sizes ranging from one to 55 gallons, allowing you a small volume discount on a tester bundle or big savings when you’re ready to make a serious investment in your self-serve car wash business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small, single-bay self-service station in a small town or a large, multi-bay or multi-property owner with dozens of car wash bays to service and stock. At JBS Industries, we’re used to working with all different sizes of car washes, and we pride ourselves on our professional attention to every customer’s needs. Together we can look at your current car wash chemical and product consumption and help you plan the stock you need to keep your facility running smoothly.

We can also suggest some great new products that our other customers are seeing success with. Visitors to your car wash demand several things:

  • Effective products that do a great job of getting their car clean. If your soap and products aren’t getting all the dirt off customers’ cars, those customers will likely leave dissatisfied and probably won’t come back. It’s also helpful to offer a range of products, and not just one, so your customers have choice.
  • New products that show your car wash is paying attention to what is new on the market. Customers will appreciate finding the latest and greatest self-serve car wash supplies and products at your facilities. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to quality products that work well, but adding some new ones is a positive.
  • Environmentally-friendly products that still work while reducing negative environmental impact. Environmentally friendly soaps and cleaners appeal to many customers these days. If you advertise environmentally-friendly self-serve car wash chemicals and soaps, you’ll appeal to a broad range of customers. You can also take pleasure in knowing you’re limiting the environmental impact of your business.
  • A wide range of products at different prices. Some customers will come in looking for the absolute best soaps and products money can buy, while others will be looking for more affordable value products. Carry both at your car wash, and you can reach a broader spectrum of clientele.

The benefits of a self-serve car wash station are clear. Many people make a healthy living running a self-serve car wash. It takes a lot of hard work, but the rewards are there. Give yourself the best chances at success possible with help from a trusted partner like JBS Industries for all your self-service car wash supplies, products and equipment. We look forward to doing business with you and helping you find the solutions you need to start or grow your car wash business!

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