About Us

JBS Industries is a leading car wash supplies manufacturer that has been creating high-quality car wash and industrial cleaners since 1979. Since then, JBS has continued to grow its business and client base across the entire spectrum of professional cleaning. Today, our customers range from dog groomers to big rig wash owners, and even maintenance crews involved in aviation. We remain a trusted automatic car wash supplies manufacturer and a provider of top-performing cleaning solutions used in other industries as well.

In October of 2000, Scott Baeten and John Hufford joined the JBS Industries team as partners and gained full ownership in 2006. Both Scott and John owned and operated carwashes for over 10 years. While owning these washes, they trusted JBS as their car wash products manufacturer and supplier. Their insights have been invaluable in developing new products capable of expanding the high-value services available at car washes across the globe.  For instance, in 2006, JBS launched the Predator line of detailing products. There’s no car wash chemical manufacturer more suited to leading the market in innovative solutions or improved earnings potential, because no other company has the hands-on experience we offer. With the passing of John in April of 2016, Scott retained ownership of JBS Industries.

JBS Industries is an international car wash supply manufacturer. We are proud to service locations coast to coast in the United States, Canada and various markets worldwide.

On top of being an automatic car wash supplies manufacturer, JBS offers products for pet washes, laundry, pressure washing and aviation. No matter your industry, we have a cleaning product for you. Check out our website and you’ll see we’re more than just a car wash supplies store. Our product line is constantly growing as we discover new ways we can make a difference for business owners in every field. In addition, we offer bulk purchasing for all of our cleaning solutions, so each of our customers can get the benefits of our superior products at a price that is manageable.

The JBS Difference

We attribute our growth and success as an automatic car wash products company to four guiding principles:

  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Value
  • Service

First and foremost, as a car wash soap manufacturer, we create densely concentrated products with high dilutions, product consistency and custom manufacturing capabilities. JBS is also constantly evolving with the industry through product innovation and environmental engineered products. You will find green solutions, such as 100% reclaim friendly products, in our automatic car wash supplies store. As a family-owned business, we take great pride in giving our customers the greatest value available.

When compared to the chemical industry as a whole, we feel that our customers have access to the highest quality cleaning solutions, custom formulated for their specific cleaning needs, at a better price than you can find with any other car wash chemical company.

Mission Statement

To provide our loyal customers with innovative cleaning solutions that deliver unsurpassed quality and value coupled with excellent customer service.

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