Best Car Wash Soaps for Service Shops

Adding an automatic car wash to your service shop is an excellent way to capture additional business. Customers today are looking for services that offer convenience and value, and automatic car washes provide both in a simple package that’s easy to maintain and requires minimal investment.

A car wash is perfect as an upsell following vehicle service and a useful tool you can use to bring customers back in the door — but only if you deliver an experience that meets or exceeds their expectations. Whether you install a touchless or friction car wash, you need to use the right cleaning products to make sure you gain a total clean and protect your customers’ vehicle finishes.

At JBS Industries, we have 40 years of experience in the industry. We constantly develop innovative car wash soaps for service shops, designed to remove grease and road grime fast while enhancing the shine and appearance of each vehicle that passes through.

Why Install a Car Wash at a Service Shop?

Car washes are something your customers need year-round, even in places with cold and snowy climates. If you have a car wash in your service shop, you are in a unique position to provide them with a service they want, and something they can continue taking advantage of to keep their vehicles looking their best. Automatic car washes place little additional demand on your employees while creating a passive revenue stream you can depend on and leverage to your advantage.

An automatic car wash is a smart investment for virtually any service shop. With a car wash attached to your business, you can:

  • Increase your revenue: A car wash using high-quality concentrated car wash chemicals for service shops is an excellent upsell you can include with any maintenance or repair service. Washes are affordable and efficient, and with little added waiting time when bundled with a service, they are an easy spending decision your customers can make without thinking twice.
  • Boost customer service: Automatic car washes are a valuable tool you can use to increase customer satisfaction and boost retention. Maintenance and repairs are sensitive subjects for many people. A complimentary car wash after a repair service can leave them feeling good about their decision and more likely to return to your business the next time they need care for their automobile.
  • Gain new customers: Installing an automatic car wash at your service shop gives you an edge over the competition and is something you can advertise to attract new business. Customers who come in for a car wash gain exposure to your other services, placing you at the forefront of their minds when it is time for their next oil change, tune-up or other service appointments.

Wholesale Car Wash Chemicals for Service Shops

JBS Industries is your source for wholesale car wash chemicals for service shops using any touchless or friction car wash systems. These systems depend on car wash pre-soaks and detergents mixed with the right pH balance to provide tough dirt lifting power while protecting the finish of your customers’ cars.

We produce an extensive selection of concentrated car wash soaps for service shops with wholesale pricing to support businesses of any size, whether you are just starting to add services or have an established facility.

A Wide Range of Car Wash Chemicals for Service Shops

We manufacture supplies to care for your customers’ vehicles from top to bottom. Our concentrated car wash soaps for service shops include:

  • Pre-soaks: We manufacture an array of pre-soaks you can use with any automatic system. Concentrated pre-soaks include low- and high-pH car wash chemicals for service shops with selections from our C.O.M.P.A.S.S® line of hyper-concentrated formulas, Action® Ultra Concentrates and our JBS Premium line.
  • Detergents: The correct detergent makes all the difference in getting a professional clean the first time without missed spots, damage to the finish or streaking after drying. We offer many concentrated car wash soaps for service shops designed to deliver a superb finish.
  • Protectants: Give your customers the chance to add a protective coating to their car with our selection of protectants. Choose from a variety of drying agents, waxes and other protectants from multiple product lines for choices that match your needs, budget and facility.

Order Car Wash Soap for Service Shops

At JBS Industries, we have everything you need to give your customers an excellent car wash while visiting your facility. To view all of our car wash soap for service shops, please browse our complete product line. If you would like to learn more about our car wash chemicals for service shops or you would like to place an order, please call (888) 745-0720 or send us a message online.

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