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Glow Foams

Robust industrial car wash cleaning relies on multi-color car wash foam that upholds premium-quality protection for client satisfaction while also providing consistent results. Give your customers the best of both worlds with our glow foams for high shine that complement and protect the integrity of every vehicle you serve. We at JBS Industries leverage our decades of experience supplying various car wash outlets with car soaps. We serve the automatic, self-service, friction and industrial wash industries. Experience the power of colored car wash foam and gain brand differentiation with effective glow foams for your car wash or industrial wash applications.

Our Selection of Colored Car Wash Foam

We have a wide variety of colored car washes to provide you with a suite of comprehensive solutions. Our tri-color foam car wash solutions are suitable for any car wash, big or small. JBS Industries' glow foams will enhance any industrial wash applications with robust cleaning solutions that provide unparalleled shine, strength and concentration to speed up productivity and minimize drying time. Our multi-color foam car wash selection includes:

Glow Foams®

Glow Foam® Ceramic – (GFC-100)

Advanced Glow Foam, infused ceramic chemistry. Creates a laying effect for a shinier, dryer car. Lasting shine and protection for all wash applications. Our GFC-100 tri-color foam is versatile and offers unmatched shine.

Glow Foam® HPC – (CPS-700)

Hyper Concentrated colored detergent with gloss-enhancing silicone agents. Excellent in all applications. Get a high-quality glow with robust bonding that clients will notice.

Glow Foam® Low pH HPC – (CPS-701)

Hyper Concentrated low pH colored formula. The wax base formula repels water to make your drying agents more productive. Our hyper-concentrated CPS-701 colored car wash foam delivers consistent results.

Glow Foam® Low-pH – (WX-300)

Traditional blend low pH colored formula. The wax base formula repels water to make your drying agents more productive. The WX-300 glow foam formula won't disappoint, with a low pH that respects vehicle exteriors.

Winter Glow Foam® – (WX-256)

Winter blend Glow Foam. Effective in temperatures down to -50° F. Great in all applications, our winter tri-color foam wash works in low temperatures while still delivering effective, competitive results.

Get Our Glow Foams in Bulk Today

Our multi-color foam car wash formulas provide you with comprehensive car wash solutions so you get everything you need for consistent, quality results. We supply chemicals including pre-soaking agents and tricolors, detergents, protectants, polishes and drying agents.

For your convenience, our reliable national shipping network offers competitive rates no matter the size of your car wash establishment. Get started by contacting us today for more information, and see why thousands of outlets trust JBS Industries for leading customer service and impeccable product quality.

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