Friction Car Wash Products

Are you thinking about opening a new automatic car wash or upgrading your current operation? In either case, you basically have two kinds of automatic inbay car washes to choose from: touchless car washes and friction car washes. While the two kinds of washes are similar in some regards, they’re quite different in others.

One of the significant ways friction washes differ from touchless options involves contact with the cars that pass through the tunnels. In a touchless car wash, only water and cleaning products touch a vehicle as the car makes its way through the tunnel. Although friction washes also use water and cleaning supplies, these washes employ cloth or foam brushes or rollers to remove dirt, grime and road film from an automobile’s exterior.

Touchless and friction car washes can clean multiple vehicles in an hour. With a touchless wash taking up to twice as long to wash one vehicle, friction washes are generally able to accommodate a higher volume of automobiles per hour.

In a head-to-head comparison, friction washes usually do a better job with cleaning automobiles, particularly when the cars are covered with thick mud or stubborn bug remnants. Friction washes are typically superior when it comes to cleaning components that are hard to reach as well, such as rocker panels.


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What are Benefits of Using Friction Car Washing

While being able to clean more cars in an hour, day or week and providing a better end result for clients are meaningful benefits friction washes offer, they can provide even more. For example, friction car washes use less water and chemicals during the cleaning process. This results in lower operating costs for car wash owners who have friction bays installed at their respective locations.

In years past, some drivers were reluctant to use friction car washes because the brushes used back then had the potential to damage their vehicles. Given the advancements made in recent years, this is no longer a concern because a brush’s fingers or strands will tear off the brush before they cause damage.

Because modern friction systems provide high-quality washes without causing motorists to worry about damage, they can increase the value proposition of your car wash service. Your increased value proposition can attract more drivers to your location.

Friction Cleaning Solutions

Friction car washes are available in both friction-only and hybrid form, the latter of which combines the best of what friction and touchless washes offer. Whether you have a traditional friction wash or a hybrid iteration of one, JBS Industries sells products that are perfect for your car wash.

The pre-soak is an integral part of the car washing process because it loosens stubborn dirt, grime, bugs and road film. Our impressive inventory of friction car wash supplies includes multiple pre-soaks that work great in friction car washes, including the following products:

Just like we sell an array of pre-soak products for friction washes, we also sell a variety of friction car wash soaps. Here are some of them:

While the friction car wash chemicals just mentioned are concentrated, we created an ultra-concentrated product line sold under the Action® badge. Our Action® Detergent – (AT-100) includes a blend of surfactants that yields an amazing amount of cleansing foam to allow for a lot of cleaning action. This product even has an attention-grabbing summer smell that your clients will love whenever they bring their car to your friction car wash.

Ceramic Technology

For many years, ceramic automotive technology has only been available to consumers in Detailing shops and Auto dealers. These treatments utilized polysilizanes fusions and heat lamp processes that required hours of curing time & special training and equipment.

Today, JBS Industries has created a formula that has superior Hydrophobicity which means it “hates water”. This formula also contains Hydro Carbons which enables the water to be displaced faster than conventional protectant technology.

JBS Industries has simplified Silicone Dioxide, (SIO₂), technology to produce a modern Ceramic protectant chemistry that has similar properties and results of expensive Ceramic treatments and brought this wisdom to the commercial car wash industry. The Shine Time formula produces a “self-cleaning” effect whereby the applications in Arches and In-Bay automatics car washes adhere to positively-charged modern clear coat paint finishes and repel negatively-charged dirt and grime.

When you’re ready to try our friction car wash products, we encourage you to contact us to place an order. If you’d like more information about our friction car wash supplies, we invite you to contact us as well. We’ll discuss your wash’s unique needs and help you select the products that will work best at your location. Get in touch with us today!

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