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samurai shield container

COMPASS Samurai Shield HPC – (CPS-602)

Hyper concentrate formula
Advanced total vehicle protectant
Remarkable shine and long-lasting water repellent

COMPASS Carnauba HPC – (CPS-603)

Hyper concentrate formula
Great foaming action leaving a just waxed look
Tropical scent
shine glaze

Shine Time® Glaze HPC (CPS-607)

Hyper concentrate formula
Ceramic shine
Great water dispersion
shine time protect

Shine Time® Protect HPC – (CPS-608)

Hyper concentrate formula
Ceramic protection bonds to vehicle surface
Produces foaming layer of protection
Shine Time Shine WX-611 Ceramic-Infused Protectant

Shine Time Shine - [WX-611]

Self-Serve ceramic
Upgrade to high pressure wax cycle
Pink color

Samurai Shield® – (WX-800)

Traditional universal total body protectant
Lasting shine and protection
Long-lasting water repellent

Shine Time® Glow HPC – (CPS-610)

Hyper concentrate formula
Advanced ceramic protectant
Orange color & Red Hot scent

COMPASS Carnauba Wax – (CPS-402)

Traditional touchless wax formula
High foaming protectant with great customer appeal
Mango scent





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