Car Wash Soaps for Car Dealerships

The automotive industry is one of the most competitive, and having a car wash can give you just the edge you need to stand out. More dealerships are adding automatic wash facilities to improve the customer experience ‚ÄĒ but having the right system is only part of the process. Touchless and friction automatic car washes do an excellent job of removing dirt and grime, but without the right products, your car wash may leave dirt, scuff marks or other damage behind, leading to poor satisfaction ratings.

At JBS Industries, we manufacture a complete line of concentrated car wash soaps for dealerships designed for use with automatic car washes. Since 1979, we’ve served the industry with quality car washing products, including a wide variety of wholesale car wash soaps for dealerships. All of our car wash soaps are tough on dirt, but also safe to use and gentle on vehicle exteriors for an excellent clean you can depend on every time without risking harm to the vehicle’s finish.

The Benefits of a Car Dealership Car Wash

For years, dealers relied on porters to wash customers’ cars and dealer-owned cars by hand. This method is slow, wasteful and leaves a lot of room for errors. An automatic wash enables the same porter to wash multiple vehicles in the same amount of time it takes to wash just one by hand.

A car wash also provides better control over resources, helping to lower overhead expenses. Automatic car washes are powerful, and with the right products, you can ensure that each vehicle leaves looking ready for the lot.

An automatic car wash offers valuable benefits for dealerships of any size, including:

  • Improved customer satisfaction:¬†A complimentary car wash is an excellent way to enhance customer satisfaction following a service appointment or the purchase of a new vehicle. Offering customers a car wash helps keep them happy and increases loyalty, but also ensures the brands you represent look great on the road, helping to boost your dealership image and attract new customers to your business.
  • Simplified care of your inventory:¬†Customers want to see clean cars ‚ÄĒ even after a storm ‚ÄĒ and a car wash takes the pressure off of inventory management. Dealers have a significant number of vehicles to maintain, ranging from trade-ins and new inventory to their existing sales lot, rentals, loaners, demos and other automobiles. With an automatic car wash on-site, you can make sure everything on your lot is always ready for a test drive.

Car Wash Soaps for Dealerships Using Touchless and Friction Car Washes

Our concentrated cleaning products represent the best in the business. When you need to remove the most determined grease, road film and other stubborn grime, our car wash soaps for dealerships deliver the results you need. We research, develop and manufacture concentrated car wash soaps for all stages of the wash cycle.

JBS car wash soaps for dealerships are suitable for use in virtually any automatic car wash, including:

  • Touchless car washes:¬†Touchless car washes use pressurized water systems to clean automobiles but depend on cleaning products with the right chemical makeup to be effective. These systems spray vehicles with an acidic compound designed to loosen dirt using the right pH balance. With the proper chemistry behind your pre-soak and detergent, your car wash will generate the ideal amount of lifting power to keep the system performing well without risking damage to vehicles.
  • Friction car washes:¬†Friction car washes are fast and use brushes and cloths to help remove dirt ‚ÄĒ but friction is no substitute for an effective cleaning agent. These systems are designed to work in conjunction with effective soaps to remove dirt while protecting vehicles from surface scratches caused by lingering debris. Our car wash¬†soaps for car dealerships provide amazing cleaning power and include products designed to protect the vehicle finish long after leaving the lot.

An Extensive Selection of Quality Car Wash Soaps for Dealerships

We have a massive inventory of wholesale car wash soaps for dealerships to choose from that you can use to care for your customers’ cars from top to bottom. Browse¬†our full selection of products¬†today to find everything you need to enhance your dealership car wash. Some of our most popular soaps for car dealerships and other products include:

Contact JBS Industries for Wholesale Car Wash Soaps for Dealerships

JBS Industries is your source for all the supplies, products and equipment you need to give your customers an excellent wash service and keep your lot ready for the next sale. For more information, or to get help putting together an order, please contact us or call (888) 745-0720 today.

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