Bubble Gum Fonic Wash Detergent

Grape Taffy Lava Foam

Lemon Drop Pre-Soak

Cotton Candy Foaming Soap


The Candy Series product line is an enhanced line of cleaners with customer delighting candy scents. These formulas not only deliver an incredible fragrance, they perform expertly in tunnels, automatics and self-serve bays.  Delight your customers with the scent of your favorite candy today!

Bubble Gum Fonic Wash®

The ultimate foaming detergent and now with a delicious bubble gum scent!

Grape Taffy Lava Foam

Rich purple foam that coats vehicle surfaces with a delightful grape taffy scent!

Lemon Drop Pre-Soak

A fast acting alkaline pre-soak with a vibrant lemon drop scent!

NEW! Cotton Candy Foaming Soap

A thick foam that provides excellent lubricity with a cotton candy scent!

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