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Specialty Products

Whether you have a self-service, automatic or friction car wash, utilizing specialty products that boost your business's effectiveness and productivity can help you increase profits and differentiate your brand. From keeping your work areas clean and customer-friendly to applications that support your car wash's cleaning process, JBS Industries has innovative, powerful solutions that you can start using in your car wash today. Experience all the benefits of our solutions and retain customers with cleaning and fragrance solutions that lessen site maintenance, freeing up labor so you can utilize your workforce more effectively and concentrate on providing excellent client satisfaction.

Our Selection of Specialty Products

Our selection of specialty products includes applications that increase the shine of vehicles' exteriors, provide scents that enhance the wash experience, clean bay walls for an attractive car wash area and much more. Turn your car wash into a powerful cleaning facility that keeps clients happy by delivering complementary presoaking, carpet and tire cleaning, odor-neutralizing, glass cleaning and several more services. Most of our specialty products are universal, and you can use them as all-in-one cleaners for various applications. Explore our specialty offerings, which include:

Specialty Products

COMPASS Salt Assault® HPC – (CPS-104)

Hyper Concentated low pH winter presoak
Designed to remove road salt and seasonal deicing treatments
Seasonally replaces low pH presoak formulas

Bugsaw HPC – (CPS-203)

Hyper Concentrated high pH high foaming bug and pollen remover
Liquefies bugs and removes pollen easily
Can be used on bug pass or low pressure applications

Omega Dry HPC – (CPS-605)

Hyper Concentrated premium grade drying agent
Incredible sheeting action
Can be used in friction or touchless applications

Shine Time® Dry HPC – (CPS-609)

Hyper concentrate ceramic formula
Small beads - easy 'lift off' action
Produces incredible shine in single step application

Tunnel Senses – ST-102

Concentrated scents to enhance the wash experience
Universal formula can be used with any product application
Best used as the first shot on windshields in tunnels or applied through dual injection

JBS Bay & Wall Cleaner – (ST-275)

Fast acting bay and wall cleaner
Quickly removes build-up from brick, block and fiberglass walls
Excellent cleaner for self-serve walls

Flash Dance – (WX-200)

Economic rinse aid and drying agent
Universal formula for all applications
Causes water to bead off vehicle surfaces

Mako Orange Extreme – ST-310

Powerful citrus-based cleaner and greaser
Universally used as an all-in-one cleaner
Applications include presoak, spot remover, carpet cleaner, tire cleaner, engine cleaner, pressure washing detergent, and more!

JBS Pit Deodorizer – ST-250

Highly concentrated deodorant for trenches and reclaim systems
Kills odor causing bacteria associated with most reclaim systems
Readily dispersible in water

Winter Foam Brush – (DT–250)

High foaming winter foam brush detergent
Available in white and pink
Effective in temperatures down to -50° F

Winter Glow Foam® – (WX-256)

Universal winter tri-foam formula
Brilliant colored foam cleans and protects
Effective in temperatures down to -50° F

JBS Carpet Shampoo (Extraction) – (ST-175)

Low-foaming liquid carpet and upholstery cleaner
Safe for all washable fabrics
Specially designed for extraction applications

Omega Dry – (WX-400)

Traditional clear coat protectant
Universal hybrid total vehicle protection and clear coat sealer for all applications
Extreme beading for quick drying action

Mako Orange – (ST-300)

Economic citrus-based cleaner and greaser
Universally used as an all-in-one cleaner
Applications include presoak, spot remover, carpet cleaner, tire cleaner, engine cleaner, pressure washing detergent, and more!

Carolina Blue (Concentrated) – (ST-230)

Concentrated glass cleaner
Non-streaking and quick evaporating formula
1 gallon makes 15 gallons of ready-to-use glass cleaner

Action® Dry Concentrate – (AT-140)

Concentrated universal drying agent
Creates quick breaking action
Dramatically reduces dry time

Upgrade Your Car Wash With Our Specialty Products

Add another level to your car wash and elevate your offerings by adding JBS Industries’ specialty products to your business. Our solutions can help clients get quicker drying times and cleaner vehicles, ensuring a comprehensive clean every time. Show your customers your commitment to providing efficient service by offering them clean engines, fresh car upholstery, clear windows and more.

Contact Us and Experience the JBS Industries’ Difference

When you do business with us, we gain a partner. We use our decades of industry knowledge to bring you quality, service, value and innovation. Our vision is entrenched in an unwavering commitment to your success and convenience. You can easily order our specialty products from our national network of carriers. For more information and to get started, contact us today, and one of our expert team members will walk you through the best solutions for your business.

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