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COMPASS by JBS Industries is a complete line of space saving, hyper-concentrated formulas designed to simplify chemical dispensing. It allows for complete control of product dilutions and unmatched wash performance. Simplify chemistry with COMPASS.

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C.O.M.P.A.S.S. Features


Less Water

Stronger Chemicals


High Dilution Ratios

Lower Cost Per Car


Brilliant Colors

Captivating Scents

Real-Time Data

Location Performance

Easy Self-Setup

Shipping Benefits

Get more out of your shipments! Your shipping costs will drastically decrease because less frequent ordering is needed to stock your wash.  The chemicals on your skids will be almost 4 times more concentrated than traditional formulas. Each skid of COMPASS contains 40 cases of COMPASS resulting in about 7,000 washes on each skid! JBS Industries is an international car wash supply manufacturer. We are proud to service locations coast to coast in the United States, Canada, and various markets worldwide.

C.O.M.P.A.S.S. Monitoring System

The ACUVU® Chemical System summarizes chemical usage and dispatches reports to multiple users. This real-time information provides chemical cost & inventory data to help manage your chemical program.

Get the most performance and value from your COMPASS products. Use your actual daily data from your location. No more guessing. Multisite owners, identify your more effective locations and your underperformers and how your chemicals perform against industry benchmarks.

Data Collection

Wireless sensors accurately measure individual COMPASS container chemical levels in real time

Chemical Analysis

Cloud-based monitoring integrates with POS systems to compute chemical usage, cost-per-car, and sore historical data

Remote Monitoring

Access to real time analytics and chemical level alerts from anywhere, categorized by location and wash type

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