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Everyday contaminates, weather and time contribute to damaging the finish of automotive and marine vehicles. Without proper care

of their finish, they are put at high risk of rusting and oxidation creating permanent damage, resulting in costly repairs or worse, required replacement.

The Predator Series is a complete line of automotive and marine detailing products that are specially designed with the user in mind. Packaged in 16- and 22-ounce bottles, products are easily handled and applied to the surface of any car, boat, or RV.

Predator Products provide a solution to keep vehicles looking new day after day, preserving the fresh off the dealer lot finish.


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Shine Time 10-PRED-400 22 Incredible long-lasting water repellant and gloss enhancer.
Aggressive Cutting Compound 10-PRED-500 16 Removes heavy scratches, oxidation, orange peel, and acid rain damage.
Machine Glaze 10-PRED-510 16 Removes wet sand scratches and imperfections on refinished paints.
Clear Coat Compound 10-PRED-520 16 A non-scratch, machine cleaner designed for base/clear coat auto paints.
Clear Coat Polish 10-PRED-530 16 One-step cleaner, polish, and wax.
Cleaner & Gloss Polish 10-PRED-540 16 Eliminates swirl marks and hairline scratches after compounding.
Premium Wax 10-PRED-550 16 Removes surface contaminants and leaves long-lasting protection.
One Time Wax 10-PRED-600 16 Removes dull film, oil smudges, oxidation, and light scratches on all auto surfaces.
Revival Crème 10-PRED-610 16 Blend of carnauba and other fine waxes and resins to leave a deep lustrous finish.
Golden Crème Wax 10-PRED-620 16 Fast and easy one-step wax cleans, polishes, and protects in one easy application.
Metal Polish & Rust Remover 10-PRED-700 16 Removes oxidation, accumulated brake dust, and corrosion.
Leather Cleaner 10-PRED-800 16 Safely deep cleans and lifts away dirt and oil build-up.
Bug & Tar Remover 10-PRED-801 22 Quickly penetrates and loosens bugs and tar from the vehicle’s surface.
All Surface Cleaner 10-PRED-802 22 Quickly and effectively removes soils that are encountered in daily cleaning.
Carpet Cleaner & Spot Remover 10-PRED-803 22 Quickly removes and dissolves stubborn stains from indoor and outdoor fabrics.
Wheel & Engine Cleaner 10-PRED-804 22 Quickly removes stains and grime from wheel surfaces.
Glass Cleaner 10-PRED-805 22 Quickly cuts through fingerprints and other solids encountered on glass surfaces.
Black Streak Remover 10-PRED-806 22
Designed to quickly and easily remove unsightly black streaks from gel coat, fiberglass, and metal.
Hull Cleaner 10-PRED-807 22 Removes oxidation, corrosion, and salt from boat hulls.
Vinyl Rubber & Plastic Conditioner 10-PRED-808 22 A fast and easy way to shine vinyl, rubber, and plastic surfaces.
Tire Dressing 10-PRED-809 16 Produces a superior shine without the stickiness of normal silicones.
Leather Lotion 10-PRED-810 16 A rich, creamy conditioner and preservative designed to restore and conserve fine leather.
Quick Detailer 10-PRED-811 22
Instantly cleans and shines multiple surfaces including glass, trim, chrome, clear coat, and gel coat.
Predator Shampoo 10-PRED-812 16 Provides excellent cleaning, foaming, and lubricity.
Prep-Clay Fluid 10-PRED-900 22 Designed for the lubrication of Prep-Clay Light and Prep-Clay Dark.
Clay Bar Light 10-PRED-901 21 To use on Light colored vehicles.
Clay Bar Dark 10-PRED-902 21 To use on Dark-colored vehicles.

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