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As a professional truck wash owner/operator, you want your customers to leave satisfied. From the shine on their trucks to the cleanliness of your wash bays, you need to take care of every aspect of your business to attract new customers and keep current ones coming back. The key to continued truck wash success is directly related to the quality of the commercial wash chemicals you use.

At JBS Industries, we manufacture and supply some of the best commercial truck wash soaps in the business, offering you quality, value and consistency. Don’t fall into the trap of saving pennies on inferior wash products to then lose dollars because of unhappy customers who look elsewhere for their commercial truck washing needs.


A Clean Truck Is a Well-Maintained Truck

For your customers, keeping their trucks clean may seem like less of a priority when there are deadlines to meet and a bottom line to be concerned about. However, there are several reasons why cleaning should be considered part of regular fleet maintenance and prioritized accordingly.

Like any other preventative service, a small investment in cleaning today will save your customers time and money in the long run. A dirty truck may experience visibility issues that put drivers at risk. Additionally, built-up grime can obscure lights and turn signals, increasing the risk of an accident in poor weather conditions. Ultimately, a clean fleet is a safer and more productive one — all the more reason to invest in commercial truck wash soaps that will get the job done right.


Why Appearances Matter on the Road

Perhaps the most compelling argument for regular cleaning with commercial-grade truck wash chemicals is that appearances matter. A clean truck helps your customers demonstrate that they care about their fleet. Just as you wouldn’t expect an office worker to give 100% when working in a dirty cubicle, truck drivers thrive when they are proud of their environment. Truck cleaning will boost morale and make fleet operators more productive — and more willing to come back to your business for regular service.

On the road, cleanliness and professionalism go hand-in-hand. A clean truck is in itself a marketing tool — other drivers will see your customers’ logo and branding and get a positive impression. This impact extends beyond just fellow drivers. A dirty truck will attract more attention from DOT inspectors and highway patrol. Even assuming drivers are following the letter of the law precisely, the wasted time of dealing with a vehicle inspection will make it harder for them to meet their goals.

For these reasons and more, it’s important to use the right truck cleaning chemicals when working with a commercial fleet operator. That’s where JBS Industries comes in.


Working With Commercial Truck Wash Chemicals

Commercial trucks are continually exposed to the elements while on the road. Keeping them clean requires special tools, including the right chemical detergents. JBS Industries manufactures its commercial truck wash chemicals for use in the most demanding environments. Our products are specially engineered to keep trucks clean. So what makes our truck wash chemicals different than other soaps?

  • Our commercial truck wash chemicals contain a special blend of surfactants and rinsing agents that quickly break down built-up dirt and grime and rinse away clean.
  • Our products are safe for use on metal, fiberglass, plastic and other vehicle components.
  • Our products perform equally well in hard and soft water conditions.
  • Our products are highly concentrated and can be diluted to different strengths for various applications.

JBS Industries’ commercial truck wash soaps are safe and easy to use for all wash bay employees. No additional training or special protective gear is required. We sell both general purpose and highly specialized products for all potential applications — keep reading or contact our office to learn more.

Dozens of Needs, Dozens of Chemicals

If you own or operate a commercial truck wash station, you already know just how many soaps and chemicals it takes to keep your business running. The average person would be surprised to learn it takes more than a jug of soap to run a car wash! From detergents designed for specific uses — such as smoke stack carbon removal, trailer brightener, low pH body soap, and wheel & rim cleaner, etc. — to the chemicals required to keep your wash bays clean, a commercial truck car wash requires a well-stocked inventory of quality chemicals from a trusted chemical manufacturer to function.

No need to panic, however, if you’re not an expert in truck wash chemicals. We are, so you don’t have to be! With years of experience in the business and our own proprietary soap and chemical formulations, we have all of the products you need. JBS Industries is a leading commercial truck wash chemical manufacturer, and as a result, can offer you real innovation and value. Our success depends on your success, so we’ll work hard to satisfy your commercial truck wash soap and chemical needs.

Some of our popular products include:

  • Our unique specialty line of truck wash products for friction, touch-less and touch-free applications. This complete lineup of chemicals includes pre-soaks, detergent, truck cab and wheel and tire cleaner.
  • Bug and road grime remover, designed to attack the kind of hard-to-remove dirt that commercial trucks pick up crisscrossing the country. Our formulations make quick work of bug and road grime, because we know your commercial truck customers are in a hurry to get their rig clean and back on the road.
  • One product you might not consider often is your bay cleaner. As a leading wash chemical manufacturer, we’ve put all our experience and know-how into our bay cleaners. Leave your commercial truck customers a spotless bay with the help of our powerful, concentrated bay cleaners.
  • There’s a move these days toward environmentally friendly or “green” washes, which is why we created a lineup of “green” and “reclaim” products. From pre-cleans that are hydrofluoric acid-free to detergents that work equally well in hot or cold water, we can help you in your quest to run a green facility.

We carry these and many other great commercial truck wash chemicals. You can learn more about them right here on our site.


Easy to Choose, Easy to Order

We want to be your commercial truck wash chemical supplier. That’s why our entire team here at JBS Industries works hard to satisfy the needs of your business. To make it easy to place your order, we have created our simple online order form. You can also contact us online or call us at (888) 745-0720, and we’d be more than happy to take your order.

We’re proud to manufacture our own chemicals, and we are confident they will meet or exceed your expectations and the expectations of your customers. We look forward to hearing from you and to answering any questions you might have on our wide range of commercial truck wash chemicals.

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