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With professional car washes having a foothold in many communities throughout the United States, it might be difficult to remember when car washes weren’t regular sites dotting the American landscape. While a professional wash was available at certain locations as early as 1914, workers performed those early washes manually.

Although some car washes still offer hand washes, many modern car washes have automatic systems to clean cars. Automatic systems are relatively new, with the first automatic washes using conveyors opening toward the end of the 1930s. Like many of today’s automatic washes, these early iterations included buildings that resembled tunnels in which cars progressed through each stage of cleaning on a conveyor belt.

Today, there are two main kinds of automatic car washes operators can choose from: friction washes and touchless car washes. Friction car washes use cloths or brushes to physically scrub cars using water and detergents. While touchless car washes also use water and chemicals, they don’t have brushes or cloths that make contact with vehicles. Rather than rely on those things to scrub vehicles, touchless car washes use high-pressure to clean automobiles as they make their way through the tunnel.

Touchless Chemistry

As was the case in other industries, advances pushed the car wash vertical forward in the years since the first automatic car wash made its debut. Although that’s the case, touchless car washes still employ five key factors to thoroughly clean an automobile’s exterior, the quality of the water, the water’s temperature, time, water pressure and chemistry.

Out of those factors, chemistry is the most important. While water pressure and temperature are also crucial to the washing process, it’s the chemistry of the products used in a touchless car wash that actually cleans the vehicles that pass through the tunnel. In years past, some drivers questioned whether the chemicals used in touchless car washes were harmful to their vehicle’s exterior, and they wondered if they did as good of a job at cleaning. Over the years, companies like JBS Industries started producing touchless car wash supplies that are far superior to their predecessors.

In general, a touchless car wash will apply chemicals using a one- or two-step process. In a one-step wash, the wash applies an acidic cleaner to a vehicle’s exterior. A two-step wash also applies an acidic cleaner, but it follows up that application with a neutralizing agent. In either case, the acidic treatment is what loosens dirt, grime and road film, making them easier to rinse off.

The touchless car wash chemicals that are appropriate for your business depend on a variety of things. The physical location of your car wash, the surrounding climate and the contaminants in the area are some of the things that will influence the products JBS Industries recommends for your car wash.

Touchless Cleaning Solutions

Since 1979, JBS Industries has been the go-to source car wash owners rely on for high-quality touchless car wash soaps and supplies. Just like you want to deliver the best final result for your clients, we deliver only the very best touchless car wash chemicals to clients located in the United States, Canada and other countries throughout the world.

Available in three vibrant colors, our Glow Foam® Detergent – (WX-260) is a great choice for touchless car washes. This touchless car wash soap boasts powerful foaming and lubricity abilities that will delight your clients whenever they visit your location for a car wash. We highly recommend using a 2 step pre-soak (high pH then low pH) to flip the molecule charge on the vehicle surface to first loosen hard to remove contaminants and second lift them from surface.

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From pre-soak agents, tire and wheel cleaners, traditional and “green” touchless car wash soaps, protectants and more, you’ll find everything you need for your car wash in our impressive inventory of innovative touchless car wash supplies. We invite you to contact JBS Industries to place an order for products for your touchless car wash or to learn more about our supplies now.

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