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Car Wash Pre-Soak

Your car wash will win loyal customers when you deliver spotless vehicles every time. You can increase your cleaning efficiency by pre-soaking vehicles to break down tough dirt before using detergent. We manufacture car wash pre-soak that neutralizes sand, clay, grease and dust particles that are hard to clean with detergent only. Pre-soak reduces the time to clean a car, enabling you to polish more vehicles every hour. Our team has over 40 years of experience producing efficient chemicals that enable business owners to win more customers. Browse our products below and get in touch for bulk pre-soak for your facility.

Our Selection of High and Low PH Pre-Soaks

The PH level of a pre-soak determines the types of dirt it can neutralize. Chemicals with a high PH are alkaline, while compounds with a low PH are acidic. Our high PH pre-soaks neutralize organic dirt such as bird droppings, grease and oil. Our low PH pre-soak neutralizes inorganic dirt such as clay, lime, sand and salt. We recommend using high PH and low PH pre-soaks so the alkaline and acidic agents can balance and be gentle on the surface. Our team uses high-quality compounds to create a variety of products.


Action® Pre-Soak High pH – (AT-102)

A blend of polymer surfactants, alkaline builders and soil suspending agents
Universal presoak effective in both hot and cold applications
Use as a single step presoak or as the second step in a two step system

Action® High pH Booster – (AT-150)

Concentrated High pH Booster
Increases cleaning power to any high pH presoak
Dual injection required

COMPASS Low pH Presoak HPC- (CPS -100)

Hyper Concentrate touchless/touch-free formula
Effective in hard and soft water
Use in a 2-step presoak system

COMPASS Low pH Booster HPC – (CPS-105)

Hyper Concentrate formula
Low pH booster
Designed to be used with CPS-402

COMPASS High pH Presoak HPC – (CPS-200)

Hyper Concentrate formula
Universal blend of polymer surfactants, alkaline builders and soil suspending agents
Use as a single step presoak or as the second step in a two step system

COMPASS High PH Booster HPC – (CPS-201)

Hyper Concentrate formula
High pH booster
Dual injection required

COMPASS High Pressure Soap HPC – (CPS-400)

Hyper Concentrate formula
Neutral blend of surfactants
Incredible amounts of foam, lubricity, and cleaning action

Aqua Matrix – (PR-190)

Traditional high pH and high foaming presoak
Ideal in hard water conditions
Works quickly to dissolve road film, grease and grime


Traditional universal high pH presoak and detergent
High foaming formula is effective in all wash environments
Deep cleaning properties that rinses freely

Fonic® Wash Citrus Low pH – (PR-174)

Fonic Wash Low pH cleaning power with acid citrus solvents
Tough on film and bug residue
Ideal for touchless cleaning

Fonic® Wash Low-pH – (PR-170)

Traditional touchless low pH presoak
Excellent 2-in-1 presoak and detergent
Provides incredible foaming and lubricity

Stingray Plus Low pH (PR-164)

Traditional friction low pH presoak
Reclaim friendly presoak
Removes road film, oxide films and brake dust

Film Buster Plus – (PR-125)

Traditional friction high pH presoak
Loosens and lifts road film
Effective in both hard and soft water conditions
100% biodegradable

Storm® XT (High pH) – (PR-102)

Universal polymer based presoak and frictionless detergent
Quickly removes road film, grease, and grime
Fast acting and rinses easily

Venom (High pH) – (PR-113)

High pH presoak
Fast acting touchless formula
Effective in both hard and soft water conditions

Venom (Low pH) – (PR-114)

Low pH presoak
Alkaline builder thar removes road soils
Used as a 2-step with PR-113

Venom Xtreme – (PR-116)

D-limonene touchless formula
Ultimate grease and grime cutting high pH presoak
Effective in both hard and soft water conditions

Venom Pre-Soak Kit

Two 5 gallon containers makes 55 gallons of product
Use PR-112 surfactant either
PR-110 high pH mix or PR-110 low pH mix

Get Pre-Soak Car Wash Chemicals From JBS Industries

Would you like to increase the quality of services at your car wash facility to attract and retain more customers? Buy our car wash pre-soak in bulk to neutralize tough dirt, save you cleaning time and economize your detergent. We research, manufacture and test products at our facility, which enables us to offer competitive prices.

You can work with our team to learn how to use our products to get the best results for your clients. Contact us to place your order for quick delivery to your facility.

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