Industrial Cleaning

JBS Industries started in 1979 as a company focused on delivering the best in car wash and industrial-cleaning supplies to companies across a wide range of industries. So many companies do dirty work, and each of them needs cleaning solutions they can count on. That’s why we’ve spent years formulating, testing, tweaking and perfecting our cleaning supplies.

Whether we’re serving a local car wash, a janitorial company, a Laundromat, a waste-management firm or another operation, we want to deliver the very best cleaning solution possible. When you do dirty work that demands a dependable cleaning solution, trust the products and experience you’ll find at JBS Industries.

Serving Janitorial Companies

When you do janitorial work, you need a wide range of cleaning supplies for different situations — and you need them in bulk. At JBS Industries, we offer the cleaning supplies needed for floors, toilets, counters, walls, sinks, showers, desktops and other areas. We work each day with janitorial services that are working with their own clients, as well as the janitorial teams at large, single-tenant office buildings.

These customers are always looking for the same things — the best possible results at the best possible prices. That’s exactly what they find when they choose JBS Industries for industrial cleaning supplies.

Laundromat Solutions

Much like a car wash, a Laundromat serves individuals who want results. They want the cleanest of clothing, of course, but they also want to do their laundry in an environment that feels clean. At JBS Industries, we offer a wide range of cleaning solutions that includes detergents for doing laundry in bulk, as well as cleaning solutions that can help keep your laundry facility as clean as possible.

We work with large laundry operations, even in-house laundry teams like those at hotels. We also work with smaller Laundromats that serve individuals. We deliver highly effective laundry solutions to both.

For Tough Waste-Management Work

Waste-management companies do work that is absolutely necessary and valued, but is also messy by its nature. When you need to wash down dumpsters, garbage trucks and other messy equipment or workspaces, we offer powerful industrial cleaning solutions that help you get the job done.

JBS Industries offers a range of cleaning products that address the many different needs experienced at waste-management companies and similar industrial operations. Help us understand your specific needs, and we can recommend the best possible cleaning solutions to meet them — solutions that are time-tested and proven to deliver results.

For All Other Industrial Cleaning Needs

Don’t see your specific industry mentioned here? That’s OK. At JBS Industries, we serve a vast number of different types of companies and service providers, everything from power washers to vehicle fleets and more. The underlying demands of cleaning and washing are similar across industries, and we’ve mastered the solutions to these demands. Our products get the job done, and when you choose to work with JBS Industries, you can always count on:

  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Value
  • Service

We’ve been in business for nearly 40 years, and we’ve learned a great many lessons over that time. The products and services you enjoy when you choose JBS are the result of nearly four decades of learning and experience. Make sure you’re not settling when you choose your cleaning provider. Choose the best when you select JBS Industries.

Are You Ready for High-Quality Cleaning Supplies?

Whether you’re cleaning your own equipment or serving clients and customers who are cleaning their own assets, you need quality products. Make sure you’re getting the highest quality through the proven cleaning solutions you’ll find at JBS Industries.

Contact us today about cleaning solutions for your industrial needs.

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