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The world is more conscientious now than it’s ever been about stewarding natural resources — and that’s a good thing. But, it also means that car washes come under a lot of heat for water waste. Just think about all the H2O it takes to create the suds and then rinse them away. Car washes are targets for criticism, and it’s easy to understand why.

But recently, the industry has worked toward innovative solutions to these and other environmental concerns, and JBS Industries is on the cutting edge of those changes.


Becoming an Environmental Leader

When you take steps to use less water and consume less in general, your business:

  • Will generate customer goodwill. Environmental bona fides are a powerful marketing tool that will separate your operation from the competition. As people around the country become more aware of the impact their actions have on the natural world, many are actively seeking out businesses that share their values. By using reclaimed water-friendly car wash supplies, you will position yourself to capitalize on this growing segment of the market.
  • Will enjoy lower overhead costs. Reclaiming water isn’t just a marketing tactic. It’s also a highly effective way of keeping your costs down. As part of a general principle of doing more with less, using reclaimed water will save you money on a month-to-month basis, positioning you for growth and expanded profits over time — without compromising the level of service you offer your customers.
  • Will find it easier to meet future regulatory requirements. With greater awareness will inevitably come tighter regulations surrounding the use of recycled water. If your municipality doesn’t currently require your operation to use a reclaimed water system, don’t assume it won’t in the future. Changing now will position you for a seamless, cost-effective transition when and if new regulations arrive.
  • Will contribute to a greener world. Ultimately, conserving water is the right thing to do. The effects of water scarcity may not be evident now in most parts of the country. In the future, however, a lack of drinkable water will lead to the spread of disease, food scarcity and an increasingly fragmented society. Go forward with a clean conscience by taking steps today to moderate your resource use.

As a car wash owner, you’re in a great position to become an environmental leader. A strategic investment in reclaimed water systems and environmentally friendly cleaning products can reduce the amount of waste generated by your operation.


Maintaining Quality While Going Green

Many car wash owners worry that reclaimed water systems will lead to quality control problems and dissatisfied customers. Today’s modern systems, however, are extremely advanced and can deliver all the performance your clients have come to expect. To do this, it’s important that you:

  • Choose a system that’s adequate for your needs. Reclaimed water systems can be customized for use with self-service, high pressure, tunnel and other industrial car wash systems. Careful consideration of your needs and a thorough consultation with a knowledgeable engineer is required to design a system that will deliver the appropriate performance.
  • Work with the right products. Water reclaim systems perform several functions, many of which require the use of specialized chemicals. Recycling involves separating out waste and purifying the remaining water so it’s safe to use on new cars. Reclaim-friendly car wash chemicals are essential for maximizing efficiency, minimizing waste and getting the best performance.

JBS Industries offers a range of reclaim-friendly car wash soaps and other chemicals. In addition to being specially formulated for use with water reclaim systems, we sell products that are biodegradable, ensuring that recycling water doesn’t come at the expense of other environmental or health and safety concerns.


Be the Best Steward With Our Green Cleaners

In our selection, you’ll find a range of products that help you take better care of your resources. We offer cleaners that are usable in areas that reclaim water for use, as well as cleaners that minimize the amount of water needed for creating the suds and rinsing them away — while still achieving beautiful finishes that your own customers will love.

Yes, car washes are easy targets for judgement when it comes to the handling of water. But our innovative cleaning products allow car washes to participate in water reclamation programs, using the smallest amount of water possible while still getting great results for customers. Check out our products and find the cleaning solutions that will best get the job done at your car wash operation.

Discover the Advantage at JBS Industries

It’s been nearly 40 years since JBS Industries started serving car washes and other companies that need industrial cleaners. We’ve always focused on delivering powerful cleaners and outstanding customer service to our clients, which helps them in turn create outstanding results for their own clients. Through our nearly four decades of service, we’ve been able to test, tweak and perfect our many cleaning solutions.

Today, we’re dedicated to making car wash products cleaner, greener and more compatible with all of the latest tech to prevent pollution and waste. Just look at the green and 100% reclaim-friendly car wash supplies we currently carry. Browse our selection and find the right environmentally friendly cleaning solution for you and your business, or contact us directly to learn more about our industrial cleaning solutions — including our many green and reclaim friendly products.

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