Guide to Car Wash Advertising

If you’re looking to drive business to your car wash, you’ve come to the right place. Effective car wash advertising will ensure that you have a steady stream of customers ready to utilize your services.

To create a marketing campaign that draws in new customers and retains old ones, you’ll need to know some of the most popular methods and principles that go into a successful marketing strategy.

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The Importance of Good Car Wash Advertising

Without a reliable car wash advertising strategy, your company places itself at great risk. For instance, if the economy takes a downturn, a solid marketing strategy can keep customers coming to your car wash. Without one, you may see a massive downtick in the amount of business that you receive.

Even when the economy is booming, you’ll want to be spreading awareness of your company and the services you offer. A marketing strategy will help you differentiate yourself from competing car washes and ensure that you don’t get lost in the crowd. Additionally, since people often get their car washed while they’re on the go, you’ll want to appeal to impulse buyers. An attractive roadside sign can grab these drivers’ attention and convince them to get their car washed.

Developing an appealing logo, determining your target market, crafting eye-catching signs, earning customer loyalty and establishing a brand image are all a part of an effective car wash marketing strategy. The exposure and new business that come from an effective marketing strategy will outweigh the cost of creating advertisements, making it a must.

Car Wash Marketing Tips

To get your car wash to succeed in the industry, you’ll first need to have a solid marketing strategy. Below are some tips for creating or retooling your marketing strategy:

1. Determine Your Target Market

To effectively reach an audience, you first need to¬†figure out who makes up that audience. As you figure out your target market, you should break down the types of vehicles your target customers own, the area where they live¬†and¬†their income level. Once you’ve established your ideal customer, you can use the information to craft messages that will appeal to them.

For instance, if you’re a high-end car wash, you can advertise the careful handwashing that you provide for luxury and sports cars. You could also provide information about specialized detailing services that you provide to make a vehicle look like it’s just driven off the lot.¬†If you’re a less¬†specialized¬†car wash, which aims to reach a broader audience of non-luxury car owners, you could focus on showing off your low prices and quick service.

2. Establish a Brand Image

The most successful marketing efforts build a consistent brand image that will be quickly recognized by potential customers. Your company logo, name¬†and¬†slogan should tell customers¬†what your company is all about. Determine what sort of message you want to send with your advertising and then create a brand personality that fits that message. Your logo’s design will be one of the key ways that you can craft an appealing brand image and increase your recognizability.

As people have¬†psychological ties to certain colors,¬†you’ll want to choose a color scheme that communicates the right feeling to customers. For instance, if¬†you want¬†to highlight how exciting and passionate your company is, you might make red one of your primary colors. But, if you’d¬†rather¬†go for a stable, trustworthy look, you should consider blue. The colors you choose for your logo and advertising efforts will be a way for you to establish a brand personality and image.

3. Create a Catchy Car Wash Slogan

Stay in your customers’ minds long after they’ve driven by your car wash or seen one of your advertisements with a catchy slogan. There are several ways you can go about making one.

For starters, your slogan should be memorable. A quality slogan¬†will often use a common phrase¬†combined with a company’s¬†own¬†spin.¬†The tweaked phrase will often highlight the benefit of using their company and will stick in the consumer’s head more effectively, as they already were familiar with the¬†phrase.

Another slogan tip is to highlight a benefit to show off your best qualities. You can also use a slogan to differentiate your brand from other similar companies. When writing the slogan, keep it short and give it some rhythm for extended staying power.

4. Create a Good Website

Almost everyone is online now. If you don’t have a website, you’re severely limiting the number of people that you can reach. Before people go anywhere, many will search online to find the closest and most trusted car wash near them. A high ranking website is essential during those searches, as you want your car wash to pop up when customers search for car washes near them.

Having good Google reviews will also attract new customers. In fact, nearly¬†97 percent of consumers read online reviews¬†before they visit a business that they haven’t been to before. To ensure you have great reviews, you’ll want to make sure that you are providing top quality service and an easy to navigate website. When negative reviews do come in,¬†respond in a way that is professional¬†and attempts to offer a solution to the customer’s complaint.

5. Offer Promotions

When you are just getting started, offering promotions is a great way to begin drawing in customers who will then become loyal to your company when you provide exceptional service.¬†Promotional materials will give customers an incentive to purchase products or services at the car wash. This approach will differentiate yourself from similar companies, as it gives them a reason to choose you ‚ÄĒ they’ll get a better deal.

With promotional marketing, you can also¬†create a sense of urgency¬†by having your promotions only available for a limited amount of time. To act on these deals, customers will feel compelled to buy now. If you’re having trouble getting customers into your store, offering a limited-time promotion could be helpful. A promotional deal can also incentivize past customers to come back to your car wash and make them feel like you appreciate them for supporting your business.

6. Keep Loyal Customers Loyal

Marketing is more than just flashy advertisements. It’s also how your staff interacts with customers. While great customer service usually doesn’t produce an immediate brand evangelist, bad customer service will create a vocal business critic. As you want to keep customers coming back and eventually spreading the word about your company, you want to¬†use customer service to generate loyalty.The impression your staff has on customers will result in a customer base who trusts your company and consistently comes back for more.

Along with customer service, companies keep customer loyalty high by continuing to advertise to established customers. Reminding a regular customer that their car is due for a car wash or sending them a promotional offer will let them know that you care about their business.


Car Wash Advertising Ideas

Now that you have a general framework in place for what should keep in mind with your marketing strategy, you should also consider some of the concrete ways that you can advertise your car wash. Below are several of the most popular and effective ways that you can generate interest in your business in the community:

1. Signs

While we’ll discuss signs in more detail later, you should be aware of their ability to bring in customers. At times, car wash customers will come in on a whim to get their car cleaned. To attract these customers, you can use large roadside signs that point drivers to the car wash and remind them that their vehicle is due for a wash.

2. Newspaper Ads

The precursor to online advertisements, this tried¬†and¬†true¬†advertising method is still¬†a good¬†way to bring in new business, especially if you’re targeting a demographic who consistently reads the news.¬†All you’ll need to do is buy space in your local paper and place an ad in it.

When you decide on an ad, you can place it either as a banner ad or as a classified. A banner ad will reach more readers and give you greater visibility. The classified ads will be in a designated area of the newspaper and will be placed under specific headings. Depending on your needs, you can advertise in local or national newspapers.

3. Online Ads

You can also buy ad space on websites that appeal to your target demographic. Finding heavily trafficked websites will be key, as you want to get your advertisement out to as many potential customers as possible. One major benefit to this advertising method its interactivity. Customers can click on an ad and get taken to a landing page for your company. At that landing page, they can then take action by purchasing a product or service.

An advantage to online ads is the ability to use search engine optimization to reach your target audience more effectively. You can optimize your content with keywords that will make it pop up when customers search particular terms. For instance, you will want to be the top result when someone in your area searches “Best Car Wash Near Me.” By optimizing your online content with keywords and other strategies, you’ll bring in more people to your car wash.

4. Mailing Fliers

You can also send flyers in the mail to get the attention of customers. One popular strategy for flyer advertisement is to send promotional materials on the flyer that customers can then use when they visit the car wash. You can create a sense of urgency by making a coupon only available for a limited time, which will encourage customers to come to get their car washed for a reduced cost.

Along with producing urgency, a flyer can help your company get a presence in someone’s home. As you can send them through the mail, consumers will likely have a flyer or two sitting around, regardless of whether or not they use the promotional material that it offers. This presence will give your company better name recognition and familiarity in your community.

5. Radio and Podcast

Advertising on the radio or through a podcast will let you speak directly to your customer base. To help the audience remember your message, an ad on the radio or a podcast can be repeated multiple times throughout a program. By doing some research on your ideal customers, you can determine which programs they listen to and then run your ads on them. You can produce these ads yourself, or you can have the host of the program read ad copy to their listeners.

6. Social Media

Advertising on social media offers high levels of exposure along with relatively inexpensive advertising. Additionally, these sites usually have a great deal of data on their users, which allows for greater audience targeting.

You can use paid ads on your desired platform to target customers you think would be interested in the product. For these ads, your content will only appear on the feeds of the customers you select. You can also create unpaid posts, which those that follow your company will see. Hopefully, people will share your post or comment on it, as this increases its reach. To encourage engagement, including content that appeals to your audience and actively encourage participation.

7. Local Partnerships

A less obvious form of advertising is based around networking with those in the community or communities in which your car wash operates. You or a representative of your business will need to go out and meet other business owners and professionals. Join a local club that brings together professionals in the area to have a central meeting place to make contacts. These meetings can help you exchange leads, find new advertising opportunities and increase awareness of your business.

One great organization to join would be your local Chamber of Commerce. With a membership, you’ll get access to a roster that includes the names of all the other members along with their contact information. This info can give you some leads for future business partnerships or ventures. You’ll be able to come to mixers hosted by the organization to make new relationships with other business leaders in the community. Local chambers will often also provide consulting services along with other helpful tools for members to take advantage of.

As a car wash, you could also reach out to local mechanics, auto body shops and car dealers to partner with them. You could advertise at each other’s businesses and be sure to refer your customers to one another. Being a part of the automotive community in the area can be a huge help to your business, as it connects you to the larger industry and gives you insight into trends that could become mainstream in the future.

8. Events

Hosting and advertising events at your car wash or around town can be a great way to get people to come to try out your services. For instance, if you’re just starting up, you could¬†have a grand opening¬†to announce yourself to the community. To generate exposure for the event, you could place a countdown to the opening on a digital sign.

If you’re looking to generate an even bigger buzz, you can host a competition or raffle that provides a lucky customer with a set amount of free car washes. Finally, you can also partner with a local charity and then state that a percentage of your proceeds over the opening week will go to it. This sort of approach will show that your company is a positive force in the community and make people feel good about supporting you.

Car Wash Ideas for Signs

A car wash sign is one of the most important ways that you can advertise your business. Your signage may determine if someone decides to stop by your car wash or if they drive by without a second look. These signs can be large, like billboards and other types of signs that tower over your building. They can also be smaller. A member of your street team could hold a small sign and try to grab people’s attention by moving it around to make it more visible.

To design your perfect sign, you should follow a few fundamental principles listed below:


  • Eye-catching:¬†First and foremost, your¬†sign¬†should catch people’s attention. If no one notices your¬†sign, no matter how great the information you have on it is, you’ll need to incorporate a design and color scheme that will draw the attention of drivers. Sign placement is crucial here, as you’ll usually want it to be near a roadway to attract people who are in cars. Along with sign placement, you should use colors that will be visually appealing.
  • Informative:¬†After you catch the eye of someone passing by, you’ll need to tell the potential customer about your company and the services you offer. A starting place will be the name of your company along with your logo, but you can also¬†offer¬†other information that may attract customers. For example, you could display the standard prices of your services or advertise¬†special¬†deals.
  • Modern:¬†You may catch the eye of a driver and provide some useful information, but in the end, they look away and drive. This can happen if the sign doesn’t inspire confidence. One way to inspire confidence is by ditching outdated designs and going with sleek, modern signage. To aid its modern look, don’t use more than three or four colors on the sign, as you don’t want to overwhelm the viewer. Additionally, use designs that are contemporary in appearance.
  • Easy to read:¬†Your fonts should be easy to¬†read¬†so that people can quickly find out you’re offering. The color of the type should complement the color of the graphics so that they both stand out. You can also use lighting so that customers can see your sign at night.

Before you create your sign, you should check with your local municipality about the relevant local codes and regulations. Without approval from your city, you’re putting yourself at risk of fines and having to take down your sign. Before you put up the sign, reach out to your local government with your designs and plans for the signs.

Pair Your Enticing Marketing Efforts with Excellent Service

On top of all your marketing efforts, you must also, of course, give customers an exceptional car wash to keep them coming back. in addition to hiring dedicated staff members and purchasing high-quality equipment, you’ll want to have the right car wash products, like detergents and foams, for the many vehicles you will be serving.

If you want car wash supplies that are sure to make your customers’ cars shine, JBS Industry is the right car wash supplies manufacturer for you. Explore¬†JBS Industries’ line of products¬†to find the ones that meet your needs.

Have any questions? We’d love to hear from you.¬†Contact us today, and a qualified representative will be happy to answer any questions you might have.


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