Should You Add a Vending Machine to Your Car Wash?

Should You Add a Vending Machine to Your Car Wash?

Installing a vending machine or two at your car wash can help your business earn extra income and offer added convenience for your team and customers. There are many options available regarding the products your business can stock in your machines.

We are breaking down some key factors to consider first so you can make the best and most informed decision for your car wash. Learn the benefits of adding a vending machine to your car wash and if it is a good idea for your operation.

Considerations for Adding a Vending Machine to Your Car Wash

Should you add a vending machine to a car wash? Before investing in a machine, be sure to explore the following considerations thoroughly:

Types of Vending Machines

The first thing you should do is decide what type of vending machine would be best for your business.

Are you looking to offer snacks? If so, brainstorm the kinds your team and customers would be drawn toward most. There are various options for food machines available, including:

  • Chips
  • Candy
  • Fresh fruit
  • Cooked foods
  • Frozen foods

You can also install a drink machine and include products like soda, hot coffee and iced coffee. If you sell products at your car wash, you can add a vending machine with those, too.

Stocking Your Machine

Another factor to consider is how you plan on stocking your machines. There are two primary options — you can either self-fill or turn to a full-service provider. Both options have pros and cons.

A full-service provider is a good option if you are not concerned with making money with your vending machine. They will install and stock your equipment for you but will also take all the earnings. Your team will not be responsible for taking care of the machine, and it will solely be a convenience for your business.

If you are looking to make some profits, you can stock and manage your machines on your own. You’ll get all the money but will have to invest in the products you’re stocking and spend time replenishing your supply periodically.


Take a look around your car wash. Consider the high-traffic areas and if there is an ideal location to add a vending machine. The best spaces for vending machines have the following characteristics:

  • Convenient
  • Easy to find
  • Clean
  • Safe

Be sure the area has adequate lighting and will not interfere with other business processes.


You may also want to consider getting insurance for your vending machines. Getting insurance may not be necessary for all businesses, but it can offer valuable protection for your operation. Property and liability insurance are the most popular kinds that companies invest in for their vending machines.

Your Earnings

Before installing your machines, explore the different ways you can use your earnings. Again, if you are working with a full-service vending machine provider, you will not have to worry about managing earnings.

For businesses operating their own vending machines and holding onto their earnings, consider how to utilize the new supplementary income. Some of the money will go toward maintaining the machine, but your business has some options for what to do with the rest, such as putting the extra cash toward customer appreciation efforts or employee bonuses.

Benefits of Adding a Vending Machine to a Car Wash

Benefits of Adding a Vending Machine to a Car Wash

Check out some of the top advantages of adding a vending machine to your car wash business:

Low Overhead Costs

A car wash vending machine can be a cost-effective addition to your operation. If you want to boost profits and maintain low overhead costs, these machines may be the perfect option. They require very little energy and only a few minutes every week to restock and retrieve the cash inside.

Businesses can run a vending machine for much less than it would cost to have employees sell snacks or products behind a counter.

Wide Variety of Options

One of the greatest benefits of having vending machines at your location is the extensive options you have available to you. You can choose whatever products suit your team and customers most. Over time, you can curate a selection of your fastest-selling items.

Businesses also have many choices for the look and design of the machine. In many cases, you can customize the equipment to suit your unique branding.

Employee Enjoyment and Productivity

When you install vending machines at your car wash, you give back to your employees. Whether they need an energy boost or a quick drink to rehydrate, having snacks nearby will save them time and money.

Your team’s productivity may see an increase as well since workers do not need to step out to grab a bite to eat. Instead, they can stop at your vending machine during their break. Having food options will keep morale high, and happy workers are 13% more productive.

Easy Maintenance and Management

Among the advantages of including vending machines at your car wash is how easy it is to manage them. They are largely passive parts of your operation that do not require day-to-day attention.

You can create an ongoing schedule to tend to your machines at least once a week. If you opt for a full-service provider, your maintenance responsibilities could be nearly nonexistent.

Offer More to Your Customers

Vending machines can be an additional selling point for your car wash business. Whether you are providing snacks or products, having these pieces of equipment is a great way to give more to your customers. They will enjoy having the option at their disposal, especially if customers can wait inside while their car gets cleaned.

Convenience and Flexibility

Having vending machines is an excellent way to make snacking quick and easy for everyone visiting your car wash. Instead of walking to a convenience store or going to a drive-through, you can offer refreshments in seconds. Getting a product from the machine is convenient and won’t disrupt workflows or any other operation at your business.

Turn to JBS Industries for Your Car Wash Supplies

Turn to JBS Industries for Your Car Wash Supplies

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