How to convince customers to use a car wash instead of washing their cars themselves

Car Washes vs. Home Washing

There are a few key reasons people shouldn’t wash their cars at home. As a commercial car wash owner, you’ve got the task of convincing customers to use your services instead.

We’ve put together some helpful advice for attracting customers to your business that will make tackling this challenge simpler. From improving your online presence to educating your potential customers, these helpful marketing tips can transform your car wash.

Learn more about persuading car wash objectors to come to your business rather than doing the washing themselves.

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Tips for Convincing Customers to Use Your Car Wash

If you own a car wash, you may wonder how to convince customers to use a car wash instead of doing the washing themselves. Here are a few simple marketing tips that can help your business.

Optimize Your Google Listing

When running a professional car wash, it is essential to cater to the people living and working near your business. To further encourage your community to stop by for a wash, it can be very helpful to optimize your business’s Google listing.

By keeping your Google listing up-to-date with operating hours and your address, people will find your business when searching for car washes nearby. This is especially useful since almostĀ 80% of local mobile searchesĀ result in an in-store transaction.

Highlight Environmental Friendliness

When marketing your car wash, it can be useful to highlight the environmental benefits of going to a professional business rather than doing it yourself. If your facility utilizes a recycling or filtration system, share this with your customers.

An at-home wash can lead to wasted water or harmful pollutants going down storm drains and wreaking havoc. However, at a commercial car wash, the chemicals and grime from vehicles are contained and routed to proper drainage sites.

Emphasize Efficiency

When persuading potential customers to visit your car wash instead of doing the washing themselves, it can be effective to emphasize efficiency. A commercial car wash is convenient and a time-saver compared to DIY scrubbing.

Pointing out how much time customers save by visiting your business might encourage more people to utilize your services.

Pointing out how much time customers save by visiting your business might encourage more people to utilize your services. Consider taking this tip a step further by suggesting tasks that you can complete during a car wash to further accentuate efficiency, such as:

  • Organizing emails
  • Answering text messages
  • Reading a few pages of a book

Stress Undercarriage Care

When people hand-wash their cars with a standard garden hose and sponge, it can be challenging to reach the vehicle’s undercarriage effectively.

Professional car washes have tools to pressure-wash the undercarriage. This cleans areas that would be impractical for people to reach on their own and helps maintain the car’s value.

Use Your Marketing to Debunk Myths

With any professional industry, it is sometimes necessary to debunk common myths. When it comes to car washes, you can attract more business by clarifying fact versus fiction. By tackling opposition head-on, you can educate potential customers and encourage them to visit your business rather than opt for hand-washing.

By discrediting falsehoods about car washes, you could transform attitudes and end up pulling in a larger crowd.

Debunking Car Washing Myths

A few myths floating around can stop people from visiting their local car wash. To combat these tall tales, we are debunking four of the most common myths:

Myth #1: You Can Use Dish Soap on Your Car

Many people who opt to wash their cars by themselves use dish detergent to wash away the dirt and grime. However, this can be damaging to a vehicle’s paint and shine. Most dish soaps are abrasive and canĀ strip the protective topcoat offĀ your car. People should only use soaps specifically formulated and created for automobiles.

Myth #2: Car Washes Waste Water and Hurt the Environment

A common misconception about car washes is that they waste a lot of water and send dirty, chemical-ridden water to local waterways. This is not true. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shares standards for wastewater and pollution controlĀ in the Clean Water Act. Professional car washes must comply with these regulations and route wastewater to the proper treatment or drainage facility.

Myth #3: You Can Use Old Rags or Paper Towels to Clean Your Car

When people wash their own vehicles, they often reach for an old t-shirt or rag to scrub with. This is not a good idea and can seriously harm the paint. Rags and paper towels can be abrasive, and they can hold onto dirt and debris that leaves scratches behind while you scrub. This is yet another reason why going to a professional car wash is better for the value and maintenance of your vehicle.

Myth #4: Commercial Car Washes Scratch Your Paint

Many believe that taking their vehicle to a professional car wash will scratch the paint and leave the automobile’s shine looking dull over time. However, your vehicle should look better when you drive away from the wash station. A car wash that is properly maintained and uses high-quality materials should not scratch your paint!

Car Wash vs. Washing a Car at Home

There are a few factors to consider when comparing a car wash with washing a vehicle at home. While performing an at-home cleaning is typically cheaper than going to a professional business, visiting a car wash is more efficient. It takes less time and energy. You can quickly stop by on your way home from work or when picking up kids from practice ā€” no need to set aside half an hour to scrub your automobile.

Another important factor to consider is the car’s paint. Washing on your own risks spreading dirt and grime that can cause scratches to the paint. A professional facility should have the right tools and materials to effectively clean your car and prevent further damage. Plus, a car wash has drainage systems in place to limit pollutants in waterways. When you wash an automobile in your driveway, the contaminated water often goes directly to local water systems.

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