9 Great Truck Washing Chemicals

In 2019, registered trucks traveled more than 300 billion miles across America. These trucks endure a lot of filth during their travels, from bugs sticking to the windshield to road grime build-up on the undercarriage.

It takes certain products and truck washing soaps to effectively get rid of all that muck and leave behind a shiny, sparkling vehicle. Every car wash should have the right products for truck drivers, especially when the vehicle is really filthy. That’s why we’ve put together some factors to consider for washing trucks and a list of the right chemicals for the job.

4 Considerations for Washing Trucks

When it comes to truck and semi-truck cleaning, here are some important factors to think about before you begin:

Level of Dirt and Grime

Dirt and grime build-up can wreak havoc on a truck’s surface and other components. Paying close attention to a truck’s condition is essential when finding the right cleaning solutions. You may want to choose specific chemicals or cleaning methods for your car wash, depending on whether owners need to wash away lots of bugs or pesky road grime.

Safety of Various Truck Components

Truck parts are made of various materials, including but not limited to the following:

  • Metal
  • Fiberglass
  • Glass
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic

Not all detergents and cleaning products are safe on all surfaces. It is helpful to consider how the chemicals you’re using will impact different vehicles.

Water Temperature

Water temperature is often overlooked when it comes to washing cars and heavy-duty trucks. While different car washes use various water temperatures, washing with warmer water is ideal for maximizing your cleaning results. Higher temperatures make the soil and dirt on the vehicle’s surface more soluble.

Overall, hot water helps most solvents and grease fighters work faster and more effectively. Consider water temperatures in your car wash.

Interior Cleaning

Consider that owners might be looking for ways to clean the interiors of their trucks, too. Cleaning the interior of a vehicle can be a tedious task that some people avoid entirely. However, washing the interior of a truck maintains its value. Consider having a vacuum station or carpet shampoo available at your car wash.

9 Great Truck Washing Chemicals

Your car wash could benefit from utilizing these great truck washing chemicals from JBS Industries:

1. Predator SS – (TR-126)

Predator SS – (TR-126) from JBS Industries is a polymer-based wheel and tire cleaner that can effectively break down stains and residual brake dust on a truck’s surface.

Your customers will appreciate this product’s fresh spearmint scent and eye-catching emerald green color. This chemical is best suited for self-serve and friction applications at your car wash.

2. JBS Clear Coat Sealer – (WX-225)

If you are looking to offer an outstanding clear coat, JBS Clear Coat Sealer – (WX-225) is made with premium-grade carnauba wax and an effective silicone protectant that can seal around a truck’s surface and protects its paint.

This product has versatile applications. Your car wash business can implement it for both high- and low-pressure systems. Plus, your customers will enjoy JBS Clear Coat Sealer’s fresh orange scent.

3. Bugsaw Xtreme – (ST-202)

Many trucks drive around for dozens of miles every day. During the warmer months, they will inevitably end up with insects stuck all over them. Bugsaw Xtreme – (ST-202) has the right chemicals to clean truck surfaces with bug build-up.

This product liquifies bugs to make washing especially easy. It has a fresh lemon scent and is a bright yellow color that your customers will love.

4. Thick and Foamy – (DT-150)

Our Thick and Foamy – (DT-150) truck detergent is pH balanced to protect your truck’s surface further. It has excellent lubricity and cleaning power for effectively lifting dirt and grease out of every crevice.

Your customers can pair this product with rinse aids or hot waxes to enhance their truck washing experience. It is biodegradable and free of phosphates.


5. Samurai Shield – (WX-800)

Samurai Shield – (WX-800) from JBS Industries is a vehicle protectant unlike any other available on the market. In addition to providing trucks with a long-lasting water repellent coat, this product leaves behind a stunning shine on the vehicle’s surface that is sure to impress the visitors at your car wash.

Samurai Shield is suitable for both touchless and friction bays or for self-serve applications.

6. Carolina Blue Concentrate – (ST-230)

If you’re looking for a highly effective and quick-evaporating glass cleaner, Carolina Blue Concentrate – (ST-230) is the perfect choice for you. Its formula is non-streaking and will have your customers’ truck windows shining like new.

This product looks as good as it cleans. It has a vibrant blue color and 4:1 dilution, meaning it is extremely economical and one gallon can make 15 gallons of glass cleaner.

7. JB-1000 Powder – (PD-1000)

If you are looking to add a powerful powder pre-soak to your business’s product lineup, look no further than JB-1000 Powder – (PD-1000). This product is high-foaming to break down and lift away residue and dirt on the truck’s surface.

This product is ideal for those really tough jobs with stuck-on debris and road film. JB-1000 Powder is a must-have for car washes that offer semi-truck cleaning.

8. Fonic Wash Citrus Low pH – (PR-174)

Fonic Wash Citrus Low pH – (PR-174) is a low pH pre-soak with a strong acidic formula. Its citrus solvents and pH allow this product to soften pesky inorganic road film and bug residue. It is best for touchless applications. Your customers will love its pleasant citrus scent and amazing results.

9. Hoss Truck Wash – (TW-100)

Hoss Truck Wash from JBS Industries is an effective truck washing presoak and degreaser. Thanks to its blend of sugar derivatives and alkaline builders, this product is able to deliver an outstanding clean.

Hoss Truck Wash can be an awesome addition to your business’s product lineup. This wash’s high pH makes it ideal for your car wash’s two-step systems, and your customers will love the deep cleaning action.

Trust JBS Industries With All Your Truck Washing Needs

With over four decades of experience, JBS Industries is a leading car wash supplies manufacturer that believes in creating effective and highly-concentrated products.

We have more than a dozen powerful products available right now for all of your car wash’s needs. Truck drivers will appreciate our premium wholesale truck wash products when tackling their toughest jobs.

Interested in learning more about JBS Industries and our various products? Contact us today!



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