Best Car Wash Add-Ons

Owning a car wash requires the practice of accommodating and meeting modern vehicle demands. Car washing services are an excellent and convenient way for customers to sustain their car’s worth and appearance. However, many car wash systems only offer the bare minimum or basic washes.

Manually cleaning your car can take up too much time and energy, but regular mobile car washes may not seem worth it. These traditional services may provide a general light cleaning, but they can hardly get to more complex areas that may need more attention.¬†Add-on features are a contemporary solution to make up for what standard car wash services lack. These helpful utilities present customers with the option to purchase additional specialty car wash services for their vehicle’s interior or exterior.

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What Are Car Wash Add-Ons?

Car wash add-ons are a great feature to any car wash business. These add-ons are special services and details that you can tack on while trained employees clean your car. These services provide convenience to customers looking for more than just a basic wash, especially if their vehicle is not regularly cleaned. Customers can benefit from add-on services that allow customization depending on the vehicle’s needs.

For example, if a customer rarely uses their car or often gets it cleaned at a car wash, they may opt out of certain additional car wash services. However, if a customer uses their car for travel, work or often drives on roads that cake on dust and dirt, they will most likely want to take advantage of these services. Add-on features also allow car wash owners to maximize their services and capabilities.

Providing car detailing and specialty service menus to customers can boost your business and improve the overall experience for drivers looking for a rapid, effective clean. Customers who use car wash add-ons that give them quick, polished results will most likely return for services and cleaning in the future.

The Most Popular Car Wash Add-Ons

Are car wash add-ons worth it? Absolutely. Adding special features to your mobile carwashing system is an excellent way to give customers an incentive to visit your business. These add-ons for a car wash will also let customers control their services and how much detailing they want on their car. Customers won’t feel pressured to purchase packages or services that aren’t necessary or don’t meet their needs.

Instead, they will be more attracted to the many options that your car wash offers and may even choose a service they didn’t know their car needed. Here are some of the most popular car wash add-ons to keep in mind.

Undercarriage Cleaning

Though regular washing may be a familiar practice, many drivers may not consider cleaning the bottom of their vehicles. Drivers may not even realize how dirty the bottom of their car gets because they cannot see it. However, the vehicle’s underbody is essential because it keeps many mechanical parts in working order. Neglecting a vehicle’s underparts can lead to expensive repairs.

Adding this service is beneficial for drivers who rarely clean their vehicles or those who want to keep structural issues at bay. Dirt, mud and grime can accumulate in the undercarriage over time, leading to safety issues and deteriorating the car’s condition.¬†Many customers, especially those who want to retain the value of their car, should consider regular underbody cleaning with their regular car wash. This add-on can adequately clean the undercarriage with special procedures that prevent important parts from being damaged or rusted.

Spray-On Wax

Customers care about keeping their car clean while also having it look glossy and polished. Spray on wax is a popular addition to a regular maintenance routine to preserve the car’s value. Adding a coat of wax during a car wash can help prevent water spots and maintain the vehicle’s finish. This feature provides cosmetic benefits for customers who want to keep their cars looking shiny and new.

A fresh coat of wax can also help protect your car from minor scratches and dirt accumulating in the paint. This add-on is perfect for customers who cannot park their cars in garages or other covered areas during the day and want to prevent sun damage and faded spots. Wax services are also convenient for customers who desire a quick, smooth application that makes their car look even cleaner.


Odor elimination is a feature that offers a great advantage for many people. This service provides customers with sanitation and cleaning solutions that get rid of lingering smells in car seats or the interior. Deodorization service can also improve unpleasant odors from small stains that may not be noticeable. Some examples of odors that this feature can tackle are:


  • Smoke residue and odor
  • Pet odor
  • Mildew removal
  • Spilled beverages or food
  • Children’s accidents
  • Used car smells


With the deodorization service, drivers can have their car cleaned and smelling like new again. This feature is also convenient for customers who want to sell their car and ensure that it doesn’t have any remaining odors. Deodorization solutions utilize car wash chemicals, various shampoos and vapors to certify that the vehicle’s interior impresses every customer. This is an excellent add-on feature for drivers who want to fully eliminate odors rather than mask them with air fresheners.

Engine Cleaning

Just as with undercarriage maintenance, many drivers may not consider the importance of engine cleaning. The engine bay is another area of a vehicle that drivers don’t consistently see, so cleaning it may slip their minds. It is important to keep this area clean so that the engine’s compartments and equipment can function properly and prevent overheating. Providing an add-on feature that cleans surfaces under the vehicle’s hood is beneficial for all customers, especially those unaware of the engine’s functions.

This feature would also offer a great advantage for new drivers or those who don’t have experience with engine compartments.¬†Engine cleaning can include degreasing using hot water pressure washers or steam cleaners. Drivers can be confident that their engine is being cleaned safely at the car wash rather than trying to do it themselves. This service is also excellent for drivers who need a thorough,¬†total body detail cleaning¬†to sell their car or get rid of built-up dirt and debris.

Scratch Removal

Scratch removal is a universal need for drivers. Throughout consistent use, minor scratches are bound to happen. Backing into a parking spot, tapping against a garage door or accidentally running your fingernails across the exterior can all cause scratches.¬†Luckily, if these marks aren’t too deep, they can usually be buffed out. Scratches can be removed entirely or made practically unnoticeable depending on their severity. Sanding, compounding and polishing are some techniques used to safely perform this service.

Offering minor scratch removal as an add-on service can attract customers who regularly make marks in their paint. This is also a valuable feature for driver convenience, as they won’t have to go to an auto body shop when they need scratches polished. At a car wash, this service can offer scratch removal tools and a thorough car cleaning simultaneously.

Headlight Restoration

Headlights are critical for helping drivers see while it’s dark out. Often, the plastic or glass lenses on headlights can become dirty, rusty or foggy over time. Offering a headlight restoration add-on is great for cleaning foggy, oxidized headlights. While headlight fogging issues can also affect the vehicle’s cosmetic appearance, it is imperative that it doesn’t impact the lighting function. Shaded and cloudy headlights can potentially cause dangerous accidents when driving.

Keeping headlights clean and protecting them from further damage will help prevent accidents on the road. This add-on feature is important as many drivers may not know how to maintain or clean their headlights and keep them from becoming hazy over time. Car wash owners can implement this feature to appeal to drivers looking for headlight restoration no matter what size or shape their headlights are.

Wheel Cleaning

A wheel cleaning add-on is popular because it keeps tires clean and prevents buildup. A car’s¬†tires and wheels¬†are essential for traction and directing when driving, so keeping them free of accumulated dirt is crucial. Wheels are typically the dirtiest part of your vehicle because they have constant contact with dirt, dust and gravel. This means that the wheels may need extra attention during a car wash. Adding a wheel cleaning feature is great for providing a deep, thorough scrubbing when customers need it.

Wheels and tires are especially susceptible to brake dust, which is usually the dark marks on the wheels. If brake dust, mud or other substances accumulate on the wheels, it may lead to mechanical issues. While going through a car wash, adding on this service can ensure that your wheels will stay clear of dirt and grime that could potentially affect their functions.

Leather and Interior Conditioning

Keeping up with the interior of your car is just as important as cleaning the exterior. Over time, consistent use and sun damage can affect the vehicle’s interior. Conditioning services will help maintain the glossy look of interior surfaces. Many drivers may not notice the dirt, stains or crumbs that slowly build up and cause damage. An interior conditioning add-on would be beneficial for every driver as it can tackle every area.

Drivers who have leather seats can also take advantage of this feature because it will keep their leather looking new. While some car owners may be used to wiping down their leather seats or interior, they may not be able to get a deep clean. Adding this service to a car wash lets customers feel confident that every small crack or crevice has been thoroughly cleaned.

Carpet Cleaning

A carpet cleaning add-on is another service that is beneficial to all drivers. This feature provides a rigorous cleaning to all carpeted interior surfaces. Customers will certainly notice the difference in cleanliness, detail, stain and odor removal when their carpets are cleaned.

Just as you would maintain the carpets in your home, your vehicle’s carpets need just as much care. Drivers who have dark-colored carpets may not notice stains or may have difficulty getting them out themselves.¬†Car wash owners that invest in steam cleaning equipment or shampooing features for carpets will keep customers happy and profit from this popular service.

The Benefits of Car Wash Add-Ons

Supplying useful amenities for customers at your car wash has many advantages. While having add-on features is an excellent, profitable idea for any car wash, it is just as important to know how to reach customers with it. Drivers may be more likely to choose your business over a competitor if you can successfully market the valuable features that make your car wash the best. Here are some additional benefits of car wash add-ons.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

The goal of any car wash business is to attract new customers and keep them satisfied. Introducing new products, add-ons or services can expand your customer base and target drivers with various vehicle needs. With modern, convenient add-on services, customers will appreciate the opportunity to get more cleaning features in one place.

Maintaining a vehicle requires regular cleaning, so keeping customers satisfied will also help your business retain loyal customers. Drivers who receive consistent, high-quality cleaning and valuable services will keep coming back in the future.

Improve Marketing Strategies

Implementing add-ons to a car wash gives owners the opportunity to improve reputation and brand recognition. These add-ons can help extend the possibilities that will entice new or existing customers. This strategy is also helpful for advertising to customers about the new features, products and services you provide. Expanding your car wash business is important for all areas of growth, including revenue and customer markets.

Offer Customers Minimal Effort Solutions

Convenience is an important element of any business. Customers deserve professional results that last. With car wash add-ons, customers can keep their cars clean and avoid any mechanical or functional issues due to buildup. These add-ons also make it easy for customers to drive up and obtain their needed services with minimal effort. Drivers will appreciate and enjoy their experience when they can customize their cleaning services with options that suit the vehicle’s condition.

Maintain Car Value

Mobile car wash systems exist to help drivers keep their vehicles in good shape. Add-on features that maintain the car’s interior and exterior can contribute to the vehicle’s value. They’re important for drivers who wish to sell their car down the line or simply want to keep it in good shape for as long as possible.

Regular cleanings at the car wash can improve the car’s appearance as well as prevent any damage. Dirt, odor, stains and other unfavorable issues can collect over time in and outside of a car, leading to a decline in worth and quality. Car wash businesses that offer helpful resources and utilities for their customers will be able to show that they care about their customer’s time and money.

Choosing JBS Industries

When implementing add-ons to your car wash menu, JBS Industries has the expertise you need to be successful. For over 40 years, we have been a leading and trusted car wash soap and supplies manufacturer serving many different industries. We know how important it is to provide excellence in quality, innovation, value and service. JBS Industries consistently works to explore product innovation and meet the cleaning needs of our customers.

Providing your customers with a deep clean is essential, and JBS offers¬†highly concentrated products¬†formulated for thorough pressure washing and dirt removal. JBS is proud to offer superior products at a manageable, bulk purchasing price. We are confident that our cleaning solutions will allow you to improve your car wash’s capabilities and keep you satisfied.

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Including car wash add-ons in your business is worth the investment. You can enhance these add-ons even further with JBS Industries. Our cleaning solutions allow your customers to see results faster and keep their vehicles looking shiny and new. At JBS, we know the care and dedication it takes to make a difference.

Add-ons are an excellent way to enhance your car washing services and expand your potential. A successful car wash business starts with practical, effective solutions. To learn more about what we offer,¬†browse our products¬†and¬†detergents¬†online. We also invite you to¬†contact us¬†for any additional information or questions. We can’t wait to help you exceed your customer’s expectations!


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