the benefits of switching to concentrated car wash products

Switching to Hyper Concentrated Car Wash Products

When you run a business such as a car wash, you want to increase your bottom line as much as possible. You want to save resources, satisfy customers and offer a service that sells. Your car wash chemicals affect all three of these factors. Hyper-concentrated car wash products enhance the experience for both you and your customers. This guide will help you discover the benefits of hyper-concentrated car wash products and how to make an informed purchase.

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What Are Hyper-Concentrate Car Wash Products?

Regular car wash chemicals and the concentrated variety have one significant difference. Standard car wash product formulas consist of cleaning chemicals and water. They come in a pre-diluted form from the manufacturer. Meanwhile, concentrated formulas have little, if any, water in them. You can dilute concentrated products using a dosing system that mixes water with the chemicals. Hyper-concentrated car wash products combine with water in a specified dilution ratio to clean vehicles. Car wash chemicals that come in concentrated formulas include the following products. We provided these definitions for aspiring and new car wash owners, so go to the next section if you already understand what these products do.

  • Presoak:¬†Presoak chemicals loosen dirt and grime before the primary washing stage to make cleaning more effective.
  • Detergent:¬†Detergents serve two purposes in commercial car wash applications. They help your car wash equipment remove dirt during the main wash cycle. However, they also create the foam customers often see as an indicator of your wash’s efficiency.
  • Wheel and tire:¬†Car wash wheel and tire chemicals include cleaning solution¬†and¬†tire¬†dressing, which shines and protects tires.
  • Sealant:¬†Sealant products include waxes that add shine and promote water sheeting. They protect the car from dirt and shorten drying time.
  • Tricolor:¬†Tricolor foam can include a combination of detergent, wax or conditioner to protect the car at the same time. Their attractive triple-color foam also works as part of the “show” customers receive during the wash.what are hyper concentrate car wash products


Possible Obstacles to Switching to Hyper-Concentrate Car Wash Products

Many members of the car wash industry already use concentrated products because of their efficiency and performance. However, if you want to join this growing trend, you need to make two critical short-term investments.

  • Price per gallon:¬†A gallon of concentrated car wash chemical will cost more than a gallon of standard drum formulas. For example, some concentrates can cost nearly four times as much as a standard solution. However, when you get a case of concentrated car wash formula, you get many more uses out of it than a regular variety. It will have a higher dilution ratio than a standard concentrated product. You can take advantage of the increased performance associated with concentrated products at a similar or lower price. In fact, many customers who switch to ourC.O.M.P.A.S.S.¬ģ hyper concentrate¬†can save up to 20 percent cost per car.
  • Equipment:¬†It¬†takes an advanced injection system to dilute concentrated products at the proper rate. The typical¬†hydrominder¬†doesn’t have the capacity to handle hyper concentrates. You must invest in higher-end devices like the¬†Hydraflex¬†or¬†Dosatron¬†systems to use your concentrates, which have a cost associated with them. However, when you make that investment, it pays for itself in chemical cost savings within two years. If you make the investment to purchase the necessary injection system, you save money in the long run.

These advantages are just the beginning of the list of perks concentrated car wash chemicals provide. Paying the cost upfront for concentrates will enhance your wash in ways you wouldn’t even think of. Discover the additional benefits of switching to concentrate car wash products below.

Hyper-Concentrate Car Wash Soap Provides Incomparable Performance

You certainly don’t sacrifice quality for overall cost when you buy a concentrated car wash chemical. Car wash owners who save money over time with hyper-concentrates also find an improvement in their services. C.O.M.P.A.S.S. products offer top-tier performance with the following features.

  • Thick foam:¬†Foam has a large role to play in your car wash’s success. You need your detergent to create premium suds that clean vehicles effectively. A thick layer of foam ensures your product covers every part of the vehicle. Many customers even look forward to seeing the foam during an automatic car wash package. C.O.M.P.A.S.S. products make impressive foam that wows wash owners and customers alike.
  • No clogs:¬†C.O.M.P.A.S.S. concentrates don’t build up in tubes, hoses or screens when you dilute them correctly. You don’t have to spend time trying to get rid of buildup in your system. A lack of residue also means it won’t damage your expensive equipment.
  • Fast drying:¬†You can rest assured vehicles will dry quickly after a wash with certain types of C.O.M.P.A.S.S. detergent and waxes. Our friction detergent’s formula includes special agents that help the car dry faster. C.O.M.P.A.S.S. waxes have beading technology that lets water wick away under a drier or on the drive home.
  • Superior lubrication:¬†Our detergents feature lubricating agents that increase lubricity, protecting vehicles from damage during the wash. No scuffs or scratches. You can run a friction wash without worrying about vehicle damage.
  • Available in multiple pH balances: C.O.M.P.A.S.S. presoaks come in both low- and high-pH formulas that balance out your water’s chemical profile. Add our alkalinity booster to a high-pH product for an effective clean.
  • Gorgeous shine:¬†Our concentrated waxes offer top-notch gloss and protection that lasts long after your customers drive out of the wash bay. C.O.M.P.A.S.S. carnauba wax offers an incredible gloss and depth of shine.
  • Streak-free clean:¬†When you use the entire C.O.M.P.A.S.S. system, your customers get to enjoy a superior clean that lasts. Every product works together to provide one of the highest-quality car wash experiences in the industry.provides incomparable performance


Hyper-Concentrated Solutions Work in Multiple Applications

You can use concentrated car wash products in many kinds of washes. If your business only offers one type of wash, you don’t have to worry about compatibility becoming an obstacle. Plus, you can easily expand your offerings without having to figure out where to get the supplies for your new equipment. Entrepreneurs with more than one kind of¬†wash¬†on their business site can order all their concentrates from the same source. Concentrated car wash products work in the following applications.

  • Friction:¬†A¬†friction¬†wash¬†uses tools like¬†mitters¬†and brushes to clean the car via contact. Friction washes were rare in the past, due to customer concern over damage to their vehicles. Advanced developments in soft-touch technology greatly decreased the chance of damage from friction washes. Because of these changes, more car washes use this method for their businesses again. When you use concentrated products as directed, you don’t damage your soft-touch brushes or your customers’ cars.
  • Touchless:¬†Instead of using cleaning tools,¬†a¬†touchless wash¬†relies on chemical reactions and high-pressure blasts to clean vehicles. Touchless washes need less equipment to operate, making them easier to maintain. They also often feature advanced digital technology such as vehicle mapping that adjusts nozzles to optimize angles and output. Concentrated chemicals give you total control over the amount of product that goes on vehicles during the touchless process.
  • Self-serve:¬†Customers¬†use¬†self-serve washes¬†to clean their cars using your equipment. While they don’t need as many types of chemicals as automatic washes, you can still save money using concentrated detergents and waxes. Your customers will also want to come back to your business if they discover you use the most effective in multiple applications


Support High Customer Capacities With Hyper-Concentrate Car Wash Soap

When you purchase car wash hyper concentrates, one case cleans many more cars than a drum of¬†the standard¬†formula. If you have a large number of customers coming in every day, you want to get the most out of every supply purchase. You don’t want to find yourself running out of chemicals on a frequent basis. Constant reordering means higher shipping costs and extra downtime. In other words, you get a lower profit.

Concentrated products keep up with your customer traffic so you can focus on growing your business. Diluted formulas may eliminate the need to dilute your products yourself, but they also come in larger containers. You have to order more of these drums to get the same output as a smaller number of concentrate packages. Since concentrated products have a much lower weight than standard chemicals, you pay lower shipping costs for longer use. For example, 40 cases of C.O.M.P.A.S.S. fit on each skid averaging 7,000 washes per skid.


Hyper-Concentrated Car Wash Chemicals Save Space

The high concentration and small jug size of hyper-concentrate save room in your storage and pump room. Our C.O.M.P.A.S.S. formulas come in a convenient 2.5-gallon jug. These jugs have a square design that lets you neatly fit them together on a shelf. In the pump room, you can connect your system to our 13-gallon storage containers. We designed our C.O.M.P.A.S.S. storage containers to save space by providing the same number of product use as a 55-gallon container in a much smaller size. They have a compact, space-efficient shape that gives you more room than you had with standard products.

Extra room and less clutter will increase your efficiency and bottom line. It saves time you would otherwise spend looking for the right product. With more space to maneuver around your pump room, you don’t have to fumble through tubes and barrels when managing your chemicals. According to research, clutter in our¬†workspace makes¬†us less productive. Take the first step to higher productivity with an orderly pump room.

saves space

Lower Costs With Hyper-Concentrated Formulas

The smaller container size also results in a lower cost for you. Just like the extra cost associated with added labor, standard formulas also create an additional cost for materials. It takes more plastic to produce the large drum and barrels that standard products come in. To make up for the price of extra materials, the company has to charge more for the product. However, when you buy a concentrated formula, you get a greater number of uses with less packaging. A concentrated product case size also results in lower shipping costs.

lowers costs

Protect the Environment By Using Hyper Concentrated Solutions at Your Car Wash

Concentrated chemicals and cleaning products like car wash concentrates have a lower environmental impact than their standard counterparts. They help the Earth in multiple ways.

  • Fewer packaging materials:¬†As we mentioned earlier, it takes less plastic to make bottles of concentrated products. Since they offer or a higher number of uses than standard formulas, not as much product needs to go in the container. When you order a concentrate car wash product, the factory doesn’t have to use as many materials. You also end up throwing away less plastic when you finish the bottle.
  • More efficient shipping: Some¬†people carpool to reduce their carbon footprint because it makes the most out of one car trip. The same principle applies to¬†transport¬†concentrated car wash chemicals. A manufacturer can send more concentrated products out on the same skid than they can regular products. Thanks to these products, the company can make fewer trips, therefore creating fewer emissions.
  • Less waste:¬†Pre-diluted car wash products come in barrels as big as 55 gallons. You use them in their original container or put them in a pail in your pump room. Once you finish using the product, you throw the barrel away. However, when you throw it away, you add an immense amount of plastic waste to landfills. Concentrated products go into pails. Instead of throwing out a large container, you get rid of a smaller bottle that didn’t take as many resources to make.


Concentrated Car Wash Soaps Look and Smell Good

Concentrated products like the C.O.M.P.A.S.S. line come in appealing smells and colors. If you haven’t used a concentrate before, you may wonder about the smell it creates in the pump room and on your customers’ cars. Car wash concentrates feature a wide variety of scents and shades that make their use pleasant for both your employees and customers. You don’t have to worry about a strong chemical smell filling your back room. We created C.O.M.P.A.S.S. products with a pleasant smell to make working with them more enjoyable.

Our customers appreciate the vibrant colors and scents that enhance the¬†self-serve, automatic or tunnel car wash “show” and make the experience more appealing to their patrons. You can find our products in colors such as purples, pink, blue, orange and yellow. They feature scents like bubblegum, lemon, grape, and¬†cherry.

Make Ordering and Disposal Car Wash Soap a Snap

The lifecycle of a case of hyper-concentrate provides convenience every step of the way. As we discussed, you don’t have to order concentrated products nearly as often as you do standard formulas. Car wash concentrates have a higher number of uses in a smaller container. Considering you have to manage the logistics behind every product order you make, you want to reduce their frequency as much as you can. Concentrates let you make purchases much less often, so you can dedicate administrative time to other tasks.

You also don’t have to dispose of concentrated product packages as much as standard chemicals. Since chemical packaging makes up a large amount of the waste you produce, you spend more time throwing it out than you think. If you recycle your plastic, you have to coordinate visits to the recycling plant or prepare it for pickup. With less plastic packaging, you can use your time for other aspects of your business.

You Control Car Wash Soap Concentration Ratios

Standard, pre-diluted car wash products give you limited options for managing your chemical solutions. You can only dilute it to a certain extent before it becomes subpar or ineffective. Since concentrated chemicals leave the diluting up to you or your employees, you can determine the amount of water in your chemicals yourself. Every product has a recommended ratio of water to concentrate to follow. However, you can carefully adjust these levels to optimize your wash.

Making small changes can bring astounding results. For example, you can change the concentrations of chemicals a touchless automatic wash uses. Adding a slightly higher concentration of product to your washing and drying cycles can help them finish faster. If you plan to try a strategy like this one, make sure to get a professional’s advice. Our team can help you determine a safe, yet efficient, ratio to use. Contact¬†us¬†if you have any questions about mixing C.O.M.P.A.S.S. products.

Simplify Delivery and Handling

You don’t have to hassle with a lift gate to transport concentrates. Regular car wash chemicals require a lift gate to get into your truck or van. If you pick up your chemicals from a supplier or have multiple sites, you have to transport them on your own. Since standard products need a lift gate for moving, you can only send a vehicle with the right equipment to deliver it. Meanwhile, you don’t need a lift gate for hyper-concentrates, even when you order a case. They weigh so little compared to regular products, you can carry them by hand to your vehicle.

Once you have your supplies onsite, you can trust your employees to handle their car wash chemicals without trouble. A 20-gallon drum weighs about 170 pounds. Compare that number to an entire case of C.O.M.P.A.S.S. concentrates, which weighs 45 pounds. If you can carry a little over two jugs of milk, you can manage one jug of C.O.M.P.A.S.S. product. That means that even employees who don’t normally lift supplies can step in when another staff member needs a little help. Even careful staff members can get into accidents with heavy loads of supplies. When you use concentrates, the risk of injury lowers significantly. Your employees will stay safe, and you will reduce workers’ compensation claims.

simplifies delivery and handling

C.O.M.P.A.S.S. by JBS Industries

The C.O.M.P.A.S.S. line of products by JBS Industries features all the benefits mentioned above and more. C.O.M.P.A.S.S. concentrates especially excel in the following.

  • Cost savings:¬†Concentrated car wash chemicals like C.O.M.P.A.S.S. save you money over time. You increase your bottom line, thanks to a lower average cost per car and reduced water costs.
  • High performance:¬†C.O.M.P.A.S.S. products don’t just have a concentrated formula. They feature hyper-concentrated formulas that enhance the benefits concentrated products already provide. You can find a product in the C.O.M.P.A.S.S. line for self-serve, friction and touchless washes for performance in any wash bay.
  • Impressive shows:¬†The chemicals in the C.O.M.P.A.S.S. series come in a spectrum of vibrant shades that will impress your automatic wash customers. Their fruity scents make managing the pump room something to look forward to. Plus, your customers will appreciate how pleasant their cars smell.

We serve the United States, Canada and beyond. To learn more about our concentrated products or make an order, call us at 888-745-0720 or contact us online. Customers who order a skid, or 7,000 washes, of C.O.M.P.A.S.S., receive free shipping.



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