Benefits of a Touchless Car Wash System

Owning and managing a car wash comes with many different responsibilities. It is no secret that car wash owners strive to provide the best possible service to their customers while maintaining a profit and keeping costs low. With traditional car washes, owners may see increased maintenance or repair fees for parts and brushes in constant use. An effective alternative is a touchless car wash system, allowing more room for revenue and less human contact.

These systems are built to offer efficient cleaning and quality that customers value while satisfying owners. If you are used to friction or automated car washes, consider the many benefits of touchless systems.

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What Is a Touchless Car Wash System?

A touchless car wash system is unlike traditional friction car washes. This system does not include large or harsh brushes that scrub a vehicle but instead uses high water pressure for a deep clean. A touchless car wash system is similar to an automatic car wash, as they both use technology to apply water and cleaning soaps or solutions.

However, with a touchless car wash system, no brushes, cloths or other mechanical parts come into contact with the car other than water and products. These systems are made up of lasers or other sensors that guide the car through the wash and measure the specifications of the vehicle. The touchless car wash will locate the car in the tunnel and automatically move around it as it cleans.

The car is sprayed down with water and a pre-soak solution which is later rinsed with a high-pressure water spray strong enough to lift dirt and grime. All cars come in different sizes, shapes and angles, and a touchless car wash system can detect where to spray and rinse each car. This system can also have various optimized jets and water pressure options to give each car the best detailed clean.

These convenient systems can also apply specialty products or services to vehicles, such as tire shine or a coat of wax.

The Rise of Touchless Systems

Touchless and automated systems have grown rapidly over the past few years. Customers often prefer touchless interactions, especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. These touchless systems make self-service easy and minimize human contamination. Some examples of common touchless systems today include:


  • Contactless payments, delivery, check-ins and ordering.
  • Touchless sensing.
  • Barcode scanning.
  • Voice and facial recognition.
  • Automatic dispensers or doors.
  • Infrared sensors.

Why are companies going touchless? Many COVID-19 impacts have enabled businesses to adapt to new ways of doing things. Providing services, products and transactions without unnecessary human contact is cost-effective, secure and preferable for customers. These touchless technologies were implemented for public safety and convenience. The same reasoning applies to touchless car wash systems, which allow users to go through a safe car wash quickly and easily without leaving their vehicle.

Contact-free solutions, such as eliminating the use of friction and nylon brushes, can also have their own advantages. Car washes have advanced throughout the years to accommodate car owners’ growing needs and requirements.¬†Automated operations can provide consumers with more modern, efficient features.


Touchless technology is also beneficial for car wash owners, as they require less manual labor and staff to work the machines. With less physical labor, car wash owners can increase revenue while minimizing costs. Touchless carwash systems can also leave customers more satisfied after a quick, effortless wash.

10 Benefits of Touchless Car Wash System

Switching to a touchless system reduces costs while keeping operations effective and retaining happy customers is what every car wash owner wants. Using a touchless system can also provide a local competitive advantage. When your car wash runs smoothly and reliably, it can increase customer satisfaction, generating more business. Here are the top 10 benefits of touchless car wash systems.

1. Reduces Risk of Vehicle Damage

Regular friction washes that contain poorly maintained bristles and brushes can potentially damage vehicles. Cars with protruding parts and antennas are especially susceptible to accidental damage in a car wash. This type of damage can include dents or accidents caused when staff members are not paying attention. With a touchless system, bristles, brushes or other mechanical parts will not affect the car throughout the entire wash. The only components that come into contact with the car are water and detergent, plus any add-on features the customers choose.

With lasers that detect the vehicle’s shape, the touchless system can optimize the cleaning process while protecting cars from damage. For owners with vehicles that may not be well suited to traditional friction car washes, a touchless system can increase confidence when cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

2. Protects Vehicle Exterior

While touchless systems can reduce the risk of damage, they can also protect the paint from scratches on the car’s exterior. For owners who prefer to wash their vehicles manually, scrubbing without proper materials can produce scratches in the paint and degrade the finish. Owners who may not be aware of these minor scratches or dents over time may think their paint coating is wearing on its own.

With a touchless system, brushes and other equipment are replaced with high water pressure and various jets that clean the car’s surface. Ensuring there is no excessive or harsh scrubbing can help protect the car’s exterior. This can also help protect the mirrors, antenna or other vehicle parts that stick out. Touchless car washes also repeatedly clean and rinse the materials used to clean cars, so owners can feel confident there won’t be unnecessary dirt or grime.

3. Reduces Physical Labor

With a touchless system that operates automatically, there is less need for wash staff and attendants. Most upgraded technologies that don’t require human use to operate are beneficial to owners and customers. Touchless systems tend to have fewer mechanisms and functional moving parts, so it’s less likely that employees need to monitor them constantly. They are also usually less complex than traditional friction or automated car wash systems.

With touchless systems, quick, easy drive-through use reduces the customer’s need to spend extra time asking attendants for help. Customers can get their car washed in a matter of minutes without getting out of their vehicle or waiting for an attendant to provide service. This benefit also correlates with reduced costs, as less physical labor equates to hiring and training fewer staff members.

4. Allows Constant Operation

With fewer employees, car wash owners may want to consider implementing an automated payment service for their touchless system. This can allow the car wash to operate 24/7. Car wash owners can see increased profits with a touchless system that can run around the clock because it doesn’t need observation or manual operation. Many customers who work nights shifts or travel often will appreciate the use of a car wash that is in constant operation.

This benefit provides added convenience to owners who may not even have to be present to see revenue from their touchless car wash.

5. Creates Environmentally Friendly Impact

Another advantage of a touchless car wash system is that they are typically more environmentally friendly. Those who hand wash their vehicles actually use dozens of more gallons of water than a touchless system. When owners wash their own car, they cannot rinse or wash the car from multiple areas at once and may have low water pressure, causing them to need more water.

However, sensors and technology in the touchless system can sense the vehicle’s size and shape, maximizing water supply and reducing waste.

Additionally, touchless car washes often recycle the water used for washing and rinsing. This recycled water is filtered before it is used on another car, creating minimal water waste. With a reduction in water waste and harsh chemical usage, you and your customers can confidently contribute to a more positive environmental impact.

6. Improves Time and Cost Efficiency

Misguided car owners may think going to a car wash is more expensive than washing it on their own. They may also believe it will save them time and money to do it on their own. This is usually not the case, as touchless systems are often cheaper than traditional automated car washes due to less required machinery and employees. They are also more effective than hand washing.

They can provide a cost-effective solution to those who may not physically be able to wash their car. Those who manually wash their cars will also spend a longer time than those who use a touchless system. While a touchless car wash can be completed in minutes, manually scrubbing a vehicle can take hours. Owners can advertise this additional benefit to customers.

Owners can also benefit from this time- and cost-efficient system that washes more vehicles per day, increasing revenue and customer satisfaction.

7. Enables Convenience and Ease

A touchless system offers convenience for owners and customers. When switching from an automated or friction car wash, you should notice the difference in simplicity right away. Traditional car washes often come with many parts that may have to be operated or maintained separately. There is no need for bulky brushes or massive mechanical arms that may be off-putting to customers with a touchless system. Instead, a touchless system’s swiftness and ease are more attractive to customers, bringing in more business.

Touchless car washes are also convenient for car owners who want to maintain regular cleaning without much hassle. A touchless system can come with different settings that allow customers to choose various cleaning options depending on their needs. This provides your customers with even more options as they can receive a deep cleaning or a light upkeep wash.

8. Reduces Ownership Costs

Performing less frequent maintenance and repairs on car wash mechanisms can minimize hassle and expenses for owners. A touchless system that uses less water and electricity can also reduce costs. These touchless systems may also use less detergent or cleaning solutions, allowing owners to save on replacements. Generally, touchless systems utilize less waste while providing customers with a superior, concentrated clean, leading them to become loyal customers.

Updated, simplified technology and sensors in these touchless car washes make it easier to fix any issues without constantly needing to purchase new parts. Another way touchless systems can decrease ownership expenses is by reducing costs per vehicle with effective cleaning. The quicker, more effective washes clean more vehicles per day, bringing in profits and keeping costs low. The many benefits of investing in a touchless system can provide owners with a faster return on their output and increased profit for the future.

9. Retains Resale Value

Advertising the benefits of retaining a car’s resale value is another way owners can market touchless car washes to customers. This is a great way to target customers who regularly clean and go to great lengths to maintain their car’s value. Traditional car washes can lead to dents or paint scratches that depreciate the resale value, so touchless systems are a secure choise.

Preserving the vehicle is essential. Whether a customer plans on selling their car in the future or not, as it’s always a good idea to maintain cleanliness.¬†Touchless car washes can also help to clean areas that traditional car washes may not be able to wash. If a customer frequently travels in their car or drives on dirt and gravel roads, their undercarriage may need a deep clean.

If certain parts under the car are consistently caked with mud and grime, it can cause mechanical issues. Washing the inside of your wheels is also crucial to ensure dirt is not accumulating and possibly affecting tire function. With a touchless system, rinsing wheels and undercarriages is easy with high-pressure water.

10. Maintains Fewer Components

A car wash system with fewer components is maintenance-friendly, cost-effective and requires less labor. These advantages can reduce costs for the customers, which is another way to entice drivers to use them. Fewer components can also be more attractive to customers by offering a sleek, modern look. A touchless system provides solutions without bulky mechanisms and parts that are rarely cleaned.

A touchless system is much more inviting to customers and can appear cleaner than friction or traditional car washes. Regular car washes may also have to reduce their operating hours when they need to replace or fix a faulty part. With a touchless system, maintenance time will be diminished, allowing more time for convenient car washes.

Choosing JBS Industries

JBS Industries appreciates quality, innovation, value and service. We use these standards to provide our customers with high-quality cleaning solutions and products all around the world. Since 1979, we have worked with many different industries to bring you effective industrial cleaners as a leading car wash supplies manufacturer.

We understand the care, time and money it takes to run your business, and we can help streamline the process for you. You can conveniently buy our car wash supplies in bulk to see a better clean with our:


Our product line is growing rapidly. JBS Industries is committed to finding new ways to assist our customers with product innovation that expands your business’s capabilities.¬†We also strive to offer numerous industries superior products at a better price.

Using these products in your touchless car wash can help you increase your profits as you give customers the best clean. JBS Industries offers densely concentrated products that, when combined with high-pressure water systems, can leave your customer’s cars looking brand new.


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