Dog Wash Products

Since 1979, JBS Industries has been a leading source for professional cleaning products. Now you can use our high-quality cleaning solutions in your pet grooming business. From flea and tick shampoos to moisture-rich conditioning products, our selection includes surprising options specially crafted for your furry friends. Benefit even more with affordable bulk purchases of shampoo for dog washes and related products.

Fido Foam Tearless Shampoo – (FF–100)

Fido Foam Tearless Shampoo washes away dirt and odor thoroughly, while leaving your dog’s coat lustrous and easy to manage. Our vitamin-infused gentle dog wash shampoo also contains soothing Aloe Vera, which provides pets with an extra layer of protection. Our tearless dog wash shampoo allows you to achieve the look and feel your clients love with as little disruption to their pets as possible.


Fido Foam Disinfectant – (FF–102)

Fido Foam Disinfectant is an outstanding all–purpose tub disinfectant. This versatile product can be applied to its cage to clean up a variety of messes. Fido Foam Disinfectant removes viruses, fungi and bacteria quickly and effectively, keeping your business free of the diseases that can bury your business. Be sure to stock up!


Fido Foam Stink Buster – (FF–103)

Fido Foam Stink Buster safely controls and contains all strong smells associated with your clients’ dogs. Our dog shampoo for odor control attaches itself to particular scents and effectively capsulates and neutralizes each and every one. Keep your clients happy by helping to tame their pets’ wild side. In addition, our odor-controlling dog shampoo is non–toxic and biodegradable, making it perfectly safe to use on your clients’ furry friends.


Fido Foam Oatmeal Treatment Shampoo – (FF–104)

Fido Foam Oatmeal Treatment Shampoo is made of the finest colloidal oatmeal to provide the highest washing and bathing experience for any dog. Vitamin-infused, our exotic oatmeal treatment shampoo for dogs soothes dry, itchy or irritated skin. It’s perfect for any pet recovering from flea or tick bites, or those suffering from allergies. It also effectively soothes stings and sunburn, providing potential for groomers to expand their list of services to include high-value specialty visits.


Fido Foam Flea & Tick – (FF–105)

Fido Foam Flea & Tick is a high-quality dog shampoo for flea and tick treatment. It effectively rids pets of pests in one single wash. Our product restores natural luster to their appearance as well, and won’t dry out their fur or skin as competing flea and tick treatment dog shampoos are known to do.


Fido Foam Conditioner – (FF–106)

Fido Foam Conditioner is a vitamin-infused conditioner for washing dogs that leaves pets’ fur soft, shiny and manageable. This formula is perfectly suited to any of our dog wash products. Purchase dog conditioner for dog washes in bulk units from one to five gallons.


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