C.O.M.P.A.S.S. Products

Product offering consists of:

  • All tunnel products for friction and touch-free applications.
  • All rollover products for friction and touch-less applications.
  • All self-serve applications.
  • Each package holds 2-2½ gallon containers.
  • COMPASS unit holds 13 gallons.
  • Recommended delivery using a Hydra-Flex system.


COMPASS Low pH Friction Detergent (CPS-101)

COMPASS Foam Brush (CPS-300)

COMPASS High Pressure Soap (CPS-400)

COMPASS Body Detergent (CPS-401)


Drying Agents

COMPASS Foam Wax – (CPS-600)

COMPASS Drying Agent – (CPS-601)


COMPASS Wax – (CPS-603)

COMPASS Wax – (CPS-604)



COMPASS Low pH Pre-Soak – (CPS-103)

COMPASS Low pH  Touchless Pre-Soak – (CPS-100)

COMPASS High pH Pre-Soak – (CPS-200)


Specialty Products

COMPASS Alkalinity Booster (CPS-201)

COMPASS Water Softening Agent (CPS-202)


Tire & Wheel

COMPASS Wheel & Tire – (CPS-500)

COMPASS Wheel & Tire (polymer base)  – (CPS-501)

COMPASS Wheel & Tire – (CPS-502)



COMPASS glow foam- (CPS-700)

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