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Best Tunnel Car Wash Equipment

Even though tunnel car wash equipment prices are high, car wash owners see a higher return on investment over time. Compared to in-bay or self-service car wash systems, the tunnel car wash system can handle a greater capacity of cars in a shorter period. Here’s what to look for when buying tunnel car wash equipment.

Top Manufacturers

Choosing the proper manufacturer makes all the difference regarding tunnel car wash equipment. Here are a few standout tunnel car wash equipment manufacturers that offer a range of products for a variety of needs:

  • MacNeil Wash Systems¬†is prominent in the car wash industry. It is known for its affordability, quality and equipment that runs faster, safer and longer. MacNeil Wash Systems sells everything from conveyors to¬†washers and dryers, ensuring that every aspect of¬†the wash process is covered. It also sells add-ons and cost-effective retrofits.
  • Sonny’s The CarWash Factory¬†is another top manufacturer.¬†They pride themselves on their ISO 9001 certification¬†and products built with precise engineering, durability and stability. Their products, which include friction rollovers and touchless automatics, enhance car wash businesses’ performance, efficiency and profitability.
  • AVW Equipment Company¬†is a family-owned company that focuses on building long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships with its customers. They do this by making equipment that performs well, has high speeds and has simple designs that require minimal maintenance, thus providing customers with a good car wash experience every time.¬†They achieve this using their “simplicity in motion” design and manufacturing principles and innovative technology. Some of the equipment they sell includes wraps, exclusive contour side washers, unique matters, brushes and dryers.
  • Motor City Wash Works is¬†all about speed. First, their equipment performs at impressive line speeds of 160 cars per hour. Second, their customer service and technical support are very responsive. They also offer quick turnaround times on replacement parts. Some of the equipment they sell includes color skins, cotton cloths and profiler dryers.

Equipment for Tunnel Car Washes

Equipment for Tunnel Car Washes

The heart of any tunnel car wash lies in its equipment. But deciding what to invest in can be overwhelming. So, here’s a list of the best tunnel car wash equipment to help streamline your decision-making process.


Conveyors are used to transport the vehicle through the wash tunnels. The quality of your conveyor belt is vital to its overall effectiveness and efficiency. When choosing a conveyor, you should choose one that is strong, reliable and easy to maintain. Easy maintenance refers to how fast you can work on the chain, such as when it breaks or if a roller snaps.

Another feature you should look for is the “quick release” setup, which allows the operator to change a roller or link in just a few minutes. You don’t need two come-along sets or to spend nearly an hour getting a car through the tunnel.

Additionally, for safety, select one with a crash sensor that shuts down the conveyor in the event of an emergency collision in your tunnel. One often overlooked quality is the ability to minimize debris buildup, as excessive debris can slow the flow of cars through your tunnel system. Less time spent cleaning debris means less delay for your customers, enhancing their experience.

Blowers and Dryers

The choice of blowers and dryers is a matter of preference. However, several factors, such as performance, space requirements and noise levels, can guide your selection.

Choose one that delivers high airflow with minimal energy consumption. Some blowers provide the same horsepower and air output but differ in the required floor space. Paying attention to that would help you select your blower and dryer. Due to the different floor space requirements, it is advisable to start considering blowers and air dryers with an architect at the beginning of the construction process.

Choose quieter models to enhance customer experience and comply with local noise regulations. Finally, choose blowers and dryers known for their longevity and ease of maintenance to minimize downtime.


A typical tunnel car wash system includes wheel washers, one or two horizontal brushes and two or four vertical brushes. It may also include horizontal car wash side brushes and vertical washers, which improve the systems’ washing power, even reaching the vehicles’ lower side panels.

When customers come to your car wash, one fundamental expectation is that their car looks brand new when they leave. You should use soft foam brushes to achieve this because they don’t damage a car’s paint job. This way, you will enhance your customer experience, which will lead to the success of your car wash.

Wraps and Curtain setups

A good curtain setup enhances the cleaning process by covering more surface area, ensuring a thorough wash. You should choose wraps with durable materials that withstand frequent use and harsh cleaning chemicals. You could choose materials such as traditional felt-like or modern and super-soft synthetic fiber, depending on what works for your tunnel wash.

For colors, choose darker ones because they show less dirt which may appeal to certain customers.

Wax Applications

Wax applications protect vehicles and enhance their shine. When choosing suitable applications, consider customers’ specific needs and environmental conditions. Some customers prefer wax that is durable enough to protect the car against environmental elements such as UV rays, acid rain and road salt, while others prefer high-gloss finishes.

You should also look for applications that can be easily integrated into your existing tunnel setup and require minimal maintenance.

Rinse Arches

Rinse arches to remove all soap and chemical residues from the vehicle. The rinse arches you choose should work well with your local water quality. For example, for areas with hard water, you should use arches compatible with reverse osmosis.

To reduce operational costs and environmental impact, look for rinse arches that minimize water usage while providing thorough rinsing. They should also be flexible enough to be adjusted or upgraded to accommodate different car sizes and shapes.

Get Chemicals for Your Tunnel Car Wash at JBS Industries

Choosing the right car wash tunnel equipment to meet customer needs and improve their experience can set your business up for success. After selecting the right equipment, you can further enhance your customer experience with car wash chemicals from JBS Industries.

Our car wash products, including detergents, sealants, drying agents, protectants, polishes, pre-soaks and tricolors, are formulated for self-serve, friction and touchless applications.

At JBS Industries, we have been creating car wash products for over 40 years. We understand what cars and customers need and create products that meet those needs. Visit our site to browse our products today!

Get Chemicals for Your Tunnel Car Wash at JBS Industries


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