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Been duped by the wrong car wash carpet cleaner? You’re not alone! JBS Industries is one of the few trusted resources for car wash interior cleaners on the market. Our products have been developed and tested over decades, put to the test by real car wash owners just like you. Consumer market products don’t hold a candle to our liquid carpet shampoo for cars or our interior deodorizer for the car wash. Take a look at some of our most popular options.


Interior Cleaning Options

Interior detailing is a potentially lucrative upsell in any car wash. Your clientele has already made a commitment to keeping their vehicles clean. Adding on carpet shampooing and related services is a natural next step. A small investment in additional equipment, materials and staff training creates an ongoing revenue stream that can improve the overall profitability of your business.

The biggest consideration when cleaning the interior of a car is to find the right product for every material. Most carpets are synthetic, though higher-end vehicles will include leather, wool or other premium materials that demand additional care. Here’s a quick overview of some of the primary considerations when cleaning the interior of a car:

  • Carpets. Excess water can cause mold and mildew to develop on a vehicle’s carpets. Using a steam cleaner and low-foaming shampoo is the best way to get carpeted floors back to like-new conditions. Targeted soaking with glass cleaner, paint thinner or a similar solvent-based product can be used to deal with troublesome stains. Be sure to thoroughly blot or vacuum up the area afterward.
  • Seats. Treat fabric seats with the same care as carpets. Be sure to vacuum deep into the crevasses and underneath the mounting hardware to collect the little crumbs and debris that can accumulate. Clean leather with a mild detergent that moisturizes to prevent cracking over time.
  • Vinyl. Vinyl instrument panels and trim can be cleaned with a general-purpose detergent and finished with a protectant that adds shine and prevents fading. In the case of extreme fading, repainting or replacement may be the only option. Consider upselling your customer on a sunshade to prevent long-term exposure damage.
  • Windows. While cleaning a vehicle’s inner windows isn’t difficult, it’s one step in the process that detailers often overlook. JBS Industries sells a variety of streak-free glass cleaners that are easy to use and cost-effective.

Ultimately, the level of interior vehicle cleaning services your car wash decides to offer will depend on a number of factors. Staff must be motivated to do this detail-oriented job well. Equipment must be purchased and maintained regularly. Most importantly, the right chemical cleaners must be available. That’s where JBS Industries comes in.


Discover the Best Interior Cleaner for Self-Serve Car Washes

Self-serve owners often cringe at the thought of buying and installing expensive shampoos and extracting equipment. At the same time, many of your customers will expect a quick and convenient way to vacuum out their cars. If you provide them with the additional service of treating stains, you have to go the extra mile to make sure your solutions are high quality.

We’ve all seen the vending machine products sold through car washes that contain cleaning cloths and the like. Those items don’t work, and few car owners are spending their money on them, let alone heading to a particular car wash because those items are on-site. You need high-quality car wash upholstery cleaner and carpet shampoo to be known as a reputable source for interior car cleaning solutions. Thankfully, at JBS, we’ve got you covered.

Look over our car wash carpet shampoo options that don’t rely on machinery to use. These may not be as thorough or convenient, but they’ll remove carpet stains and leave your car looking and smelling renewed.


Our Products

We sell a complete range of interior cleaners for both self-serve and automatic car washes. Our products are professional grade and designed for use by either your staff or your customers with a minimal amount of precautions. Some of our more popular car wash interior cleaners include:

  • ST-175 Carpet Shampoo. Ideal for extraction machines and safe on all surfaces, our carpet shampoo is a low-foaming product designed for vehicle use in car washes and detailing centers.
  • Ultimate Vinyl Protectant. Our Ultimate Vinyl Protectant is a water-based dressing that restores the shine to fading vinyl components. This long-lasting product offers protection and good looks on all plastic interior parts.
  • Carolina Blue glass cleaner. Carolina Blue is a streak-free glass cleaner perfect for interior and exterior use.

We also sell a variety of tire dressings and interior deodorizers for car wash use. Explore our catalog by continuing to browse our website, or get in touch with a representative directly.


Buy Car Wash Carpet Cleaning Supplies at a Discount

Like all of the industrial car wash products available through JBS Industries, we package products in bulk for the sake of minimizing your business costs. We can also introduce you to more affordable options if the cleaning solutions you’re interested in are out of your budget. Simply contact a sales person or fill out an order request. In as little as one business day, we’ll respond with your detailed quote, along with answers to any questions you have regarding car wash carpet cleaner.

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