Bug and Road Grime Removers

Automobiles are a significant investment — one of the largest your customers are likely to make. Don’t they want to keep that investment in as great of shape as possible? It’s hard when even the most beautiful cars run into bugs all the time. High-performing cars pick up road grime and develop brake dust.

How can you help your customers return their vehicles to pristine condition? The answer: by offering a bug and road grime-removing service that truly gets the job done.

At JBS Industries, we offer high-quality cleaning solutions that vehicle owners will love. These solutions can quickly wash away bug residue and road grime that can make a new car look old and unattractive. These bug and road grime products are among the best in the business, and they deliver solutions that both you and your customers will love and appreciate.

How Bug and Grime Removers Will Help Your Business

When you run any kind of car wash or vehicle cleaning service, regular customers are your lifeblood. If only you could secure a certain amount of car owners who visit you each week for a wash, your business would almost run itself.

However, there’s a lot of competition in the car wash industry. How can your service stand out? An add-on like bug and road grime removal can really do the trick and help your business stand out in a crowded market. Good bug and road grime removal is hard to come by.

If your service is delivering outstanding results, you’ll be able to achieve the elusive word-of-mouth marketing funnel that drives more traffic to your location. One person discovers just how powerful and effective your bug and road grime removal is, and they tell a few others. When they discover the same results, they tell a few others. This is the kind of additional service you can use to draw customers back for repeat visits.

At JBS Industries, these are the types of results we help you achieve. Make sure you have the right tools and products needed to serve your customers by choosing our bug and road grime-removing products. Try them out by using our one-gallon samples or save big on a bulk purchase today!

Why Choose JBS Industries?

At JBS Industries, we serve as the leading car wash supplies manufacturer, offering the car wash and industrial cleaners of the highest quality since 1979. We’ve spent these many years perfecting our formulas, gathering feedback, tweaking our products and generally ensuring that what we offer you is the best of the best — solutions that will truly delight your own customers.

We know just how to remove the very worst road offenders and leave vehicles looking smooth and sleek. Stock our products, pass along those benefits to your customers, and your popularity will peak. We don’t just specialize in professional cleaning products, either, but also in offering business owners multiple ways to increase their profits. Be sure to take a look a good look at our specialty insect remover for self-serve car washes and road grime-removal products.

When customers are the lifeblood of your business, make sure you’re offering them outstanding results. JBS Industries delivers the products that help you delight your customers — transforming them into loyal regulars who drive more revenue.

Contact us today to learn more about our bug and road grime-removing products.

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