Glass and Window Cleaners

When putting together a one-stop-shop for aesthetic car care, you can’t forget to pick up high-quality glass cleaner for car washes. That generic blue fluid found at the dollar store just won’t do it for your customers. You need products that perform well enough to leave drivers proud of the final product. And while that’s hard to accomplish, it’s not impossible if you have the right tools. Check out JBS Industries’ selection of window cleaners for self-serve car wash applications.


Invest in the Best Glass Cleaner for Your Car Wash

At JBS, we cannot stress enough the power of positive associations. Use the right car wash glass cleaning products, and you’ll leave a good impression. Build a reputation on them, and you’ll never have to run a ridiculous sales promotion again. The key is tapping into the differences that count the most and putting them front and center.

Notably, window cleaning supplies are often missing from car wash bays. Where chamois and air freshener are available, there’s nothing on-hand you can use to get your windows clean. Change that today by ordering our glass cleaner for the self-serve car wash, and you will give your car wash an immediate advantage. When drivers think of where to wash their vehicles, they’ll pick your car wash first simply because it offers one-stop convenience.


Ready-to-Use vs. Concentrate

If you’re wondering whether you should buy concentrate formulas or those that are ready to use on arrival, seriously consider the time you have to commit to small jobs at your car wash every week. For some business owners, it’s simply a matter of convenience. Concentrate glass cleaner for car washes has to be mixed with water before it’s used. Many people don’t want the added chore, so they buy alternatives which are readily available at affordable prices.

The biggest benefits to concentrate window cleaner for car washes is price. It’s the best choice if you’re attempting to save as much as possible, and you have someone available to perform the work reliably every week. JBS has other ways for you to save, too!


Get Your Industrial Glass Cleaner for Less

One of the major benefits of buying through JBS is our affordable pricing. We stay committed to helping business owners raise their profits by finding ways to keep our own prices low. For instance, depending upon the car wash supplies you need, you can find them in bulk units up to 55 gallons.

Ready to order car wash window cleaner? Put in an order request on our wholesale page to discover your bulk discount savings.

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