A Guide for Car Wash Managers Looking to Increase Customer Loyalty

When customers come back, wash after wash, it’s a sure sign you’re running an effective business. Loyal customers help you grow and serve as a reliable revenue stream. They’re also happy to leave you positive reviews and recommend you to others. How can you turn new customers into your most valued repeat clients? At JBS Industries, our more than 40 years of experience serving the car wash industry have taught us a lot about customer loyalty. We’ve compiled this guide to help you build lasting customer relationships.

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5 Car Wash Trends to Adopt in 2021 and Beyond

Car washes evolve as technology changes, but business owners’ goals hardly change — you want the best car wash technology that generates a high return on investment (ROI). To stay competitive in your industry and attract local car owners, you’ll need to keep up with car wash trends and standards. Here, we’ll walk through past car wash trends and the projected 2021 trends that will keep your business busy for years.

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