Tunnel Senses

Tunnel senses are used to elevate your customers' wash experience with enhanced aromatic fragrances. It is easily applied through your injection system.

Action Dry Concentrate – (AT-140)

  The ultimate drying agent. Product creates quick breaking action, which dramatically reduces drying time. Provides long lasting protection. Available with or without scent.   AT-140 SDS Sheet           Contact Us[...]

Action Foaming Shine – (AT-125)

Tremendous foaming foam wax concentrate. Designed for the “foam wax” cycle. Intended for self-serve and automatics. Blue color with fresh cherry scent!   AT-125 SDS Sheet       Contact Us About This Product! [contact-form-7[...]

Salt Assault – (PR-161)

Salt Assault attacks harmful road salt & protects against weather damaging debris.  It is specially formulated to safely neutralize and remove road salt to prevent rust and corrosion on your customer’s vehicles.Add SALT ASSAULT to your[...]

Action Foam Boost System – (AT-175 | AT-150 | AT-160)

Use Action Foam Boost (AT-175) in conjunction with Action High (AT-150)  & Action Low (AT-160) to create a powerful two-step, dual-injection system     AT-175 SDS Sheet AT-150 SDS Sheet AT-160 SDS Sheet Contact Us About These[...]

JBS Carpet Shampoo (Extraction) – (ST-175)

You’ll enjoy this low-foaming liquid carpet and car wash upholstery cleaner that is safe for all washable fabrics. It was especially designed for extraction-type cleaning machines. With the right equipment, these products perform well enough[...]

Bugsaw Bug Remover – (ST-200)

Our fast-acting, citrus-based bug remover quickly penetrates and liquefies bugs and other insects that are normally encountered on windshields and grills. Without the right cleaning solution, it can take hours to completely scrape these particles[...]

Carolina Blue (Concentrated) – (ST-230)

You’ll appreciate this concentrated, non-streaking and quick-evaporating glass cleaner the first time you use it. The difference between Carolina Blue and competitors is easy to see immediately, and it’s both economical and effective. One gallon[...]

JBS Bay & Wall Cleaner – (ST-275)

Our favorite bay cleaner quickly removes build-up from brick, block and fiberglass walls. It’s an excellent cleaner for the interiors of self-serve carwash walls, but since it’s a powerful cleaning agent, make sure to keep[...]

Action Pre-Soak Low pH – (AT-101)

  This super-concentrated, foaming, low-pH pre-soak fully prepares your customers’ cars for other car wash products and automatic friction rollover car washes. It removes road film from vehicle surface, rinses completely and dries streak free.[...]

Mako Orange – (ST-300)

This remarkable, citrus-based cleaner and degreaser was designed for a multitude of uses, and as the name suggests, this product enjoys a fresh citrus scent. While it’s very powerful, Mako Orange is also quite safe.[...]

COMPASS Water Softening Agent (CPS-202)

Specially designed for facilities without water softeners or problematic water conditions. 202 is packed with water softening agents and grime fighting detergents. Lemon scent. Starting dilution: 90 to 1.     CPS-202 SDS Sheet  [...]

Aqua Matrix – (PR-190)

Designed for locations with less-than-desirable water conditions, this amazing high-pH pre-soak will clean even in hard water environments. It works quickly to dissolve road film along with grease and grime, and is the highest-foaming JBS[...]

COMPASS Alkalinity Booster (CPS-201)

Alkalinity booster is used when cleaning is at your toughest, after a rain and the following few days. This product is designed to assist high pH pre-soaks so they can quickly break down the hydrocarbons[...]

COMPASS High pH Pre-Soak – (CPS-200)

An ultra concentrated high pH pre-soak that softens and promotes the removal of all soils, bugs and window eyebrows. Product contains pleasant lemon scent. Starting dilution: 170 to 1.           CPS-200[...]

JB-250 Powder – (PD-250)

How do you help your customers tackle the toughest jobs? Our 100% active heavy-duty, powdered pre-soak easily removes the toughest road film and grime around. It’s versatile enough to be used in any carwash application,[...]

Stingray Plus Low pH (PR-164)

Our premium low-pH pre-soak with acid replacement technology starts your process off on the right foot. Pre-soaks are the first step in every wash process, so we thought it was important to make these the[...]

Hydro White Powder – (PD-200)

Available as a vibrant yellow or green foam, this highly concentrated powdered tire, engine and whitewall cleaner is designed for self-serve and automatic applications. Its fun and funky appearance adds a bit of flare to[...]

JB-1000 Powder – (PD-1000)

Our high-foaming powdered pre-soak formulated for tough cleaning conditions quickly removes road film.   PD-1000 SDS Sheet           Contact Us About This Product!

Fonic Wash Low-pH – (PR-170)

This is a concentrated, high-foaming pre-soak with a low pH. It provides ideal foaming action and lubricity, which makes it highly effective on chrome surfaces and cloth applications. For tunnels or automatics, it’s perfect for[...]

Fonic Wash Citrus Low pH – (PR-174)

This product comes with all of the great cleaning you would expect from Fonic Wash Low-pH (PR-170) with added citrus solvents to clean tough film and bugs. Whether big or small, we listen to our[...]

COMPASS Wheel & Tire – (CPS-502)

An extremely fast acting low pH wheel & rim cleaner. To be used on automated CTA applications only. Not to be used on uncoated rims.               Contact Us About[...]

COMPASS Wheel & Tire (polymer base)  – (CPS-501)

A concentrated polymer base wheel and tire cleaner for CTA or manual applications. Effortlessly removes brake dust and road film. Purple with lemon scent.     CPS-501 SDS Sheet       Contact Us About[...]

Red Strom F/B – (PR-160)

You’ll enjoy watching this extremely fast-acting alkaline liquid pre-soak that can be used for self-serve and automatic applications. It’s formulated for the most extreme cleaning conditions and quickly removes grease, grime and road film from[...]

Film Buster Plus – (PR-125)

Enjoy the latest technology in citrus–based, touch-free vehicle washing. This concentrated liquid loosens and lifts road film from vehicle surfaces. Specially designed for touch-free automatic applications. Effective in hard or soft water. 100% biodegradable.  [...]

COMPASS Wheel & Tire – (CPS-500)

Ultra concentrated high pH wheel and tire cleaner. High foaming, super vibrant emerald green with fresh lemon scent. Quickly cuts brake dust as well as grease and grime. Starting dilution: 120 to 1.    [...]

Action Wheel & Tire Cleaner – (AT-130)

A real customer pleaser. This extremely high-foaming wheel and tire cleaner cuts brake dust, grease and grime. Fresh lemon scent! It’s also 100% biodegradable.   AT-130 SDS Sheet       Contact Us About This Product![...]

COMPASS Low pH Pre-Soak – (CPS-103)

A low pH pre-soak that combines a blend of buffered acids and surfactants to achieve a D.O.T. non-corrosive rating. This COMPASS product is extremely effective on road film, bugs and window eyebrows. Vanilla scent.  [...]

COMPASS Low pH Touchless Pre-Soak – (CPS-100)

  An ultra concentrated, low pH touch-less pre-soak that creates a synergy when used with alkaline pre-soak. Effective in removing eyebrows and adding luster to chrome surfaces. Vanilla scent. Starting dilution: 170 to 1.  [...]

Storm Hyper – (PR-105)

Combines the exotic polymer technology of Storm XT with added grime fighting agents to create the ultimate in pre-soak synergy! Extremely fast acting and rinses freely. Easy-to-use single step detergent.    PR-105 SDS Sheet  [...]

Storm XT (High pH) – (PR-102)

  This revolutionary polymer-based pre-soak is one of our must-have friction rollover car wash prep detergents. You’ll be amazed by how quickly it removes road film, grease and grime from vehicle surfaces. It capitalizes on new[...]

Action Pre-Soak High pH – (AT-102)

This super-concentrated, foaming, high-pH friction rollover car wash pre-soak removes road film from vehicle surfaces. It’s effective in both hot and cold applications, and it rinses completely to create a streak-free shine. It’s available in[...]

JBS Super Tire Gloss W/B – (ST-352)

Our solvent-based tire dressing provides customers with an ultimate glass-like finish and superior protection for tire surfaces. This industrial tire shine is only available in select locations, but it’s worth checking out. Car aficionados can’t[...]

Predator Citrus (Solvent-Based) – (TR-130)

Looking for a reclaim-friendly tire cleaner? You’ll be amazed as much by its performance as its pro-green benefits. Use it in just two easy steps — spray on and rinse off! It really is that[...]

Predator – (TR-125)

We think you’ll agree that our highly concentrated exotic polymer base tire and wheel cleaner for self-service car washes is an effective and affordable option. Just spray on and rinse off! It quickly removes stubborn[...]

Stingray Tire Cleaner (Low-pH) – (TR-200)

Take a look at the latest technology in tire cleaners, which derives its cleaning power from acid salts. We designed it to be extremely effective on brake dust and oxide films. The low-pH variety is[...]

5X – (WX-402)

5X creates 5 times the shine of our competitors Carnauba Wax products. It has high foaming action for great customer appeal and provides long lasting protection. Available in mango scent.   WX-402 SDS Sheet  [...]

Wheel Kleen (Low-pH) – (TR-105)

Our extremely fast-acting, low-pH wheel and rim cleaner can be used on magnesium, aluminum and almost all late-model vehicles. It safely removes carbon, oxide films and brake dust buildup.   TR-105 SDS Sheet    [...]

Mighty White – (TR-150)

Our economical alkaline base tire and whitewall cleaner was designed for automatic or full-service applications. It’s a versatile product that may be applied manually or through a CTA. The tire and whitewall soap dissolves stains[...]

Shine Time – (WX-401)

The next generation of Total Vehicle Protectant. Shine Time is the ultimate TVP and clear coat sealer in one. This revolutionary product creates incredible shine and quick breaking action to dramatically reduce drying time. A favorite[...]

Samurai Shield – (WX-800)

One of our favorites, this product serves as a complete Total Vehicle Protectant for all automobile surfaces. It’s capable of delivering remarkable shine to multiple vehicle surfaces, including glass, trim, chrome and all painted surfaces.[...]

Predator SS – (TR-126)

A highly concentrated, self-serve exotic polymer-based tire cleaner for self-serving car washes. It also works wonders on wheels. This is a fantastic product for the carwash owner who seeks to clean more than just the[...]

Omega Dry – (WX-400)

Introducing our latest high-beading clear coat protectant. Omega Dry is a hybrid product that combines the performance of a TVP (Total Vehicle Protectant) with the cost-effectiveness of a clear-coat sealer. It’s excellent for use in[...]

JBS Tire Gloss W/B – (ST-350)

This water-based car wash tire dressing provides a glass-like finish and added protection to a tire’s surface. Like shoe shine, tire shine is stylish and practical at the same time. JBS has created an outstanding[...]

COMPASS Foam Wax – (CPS-600)

Designed for the Foam Wax cycle in a self-serve, this concentrate is our highest foaming wax ever. Rich blue color and strong grape scent makes this extremely appealing to customers. Also great for automatics. Starting[...]

JBS Clear Coat Sealer – (WX-225)

Our premium-grade sealant and protectant is specially designed for today’s clear coat finishes. You’ll find that our carnauba wax and silicone enhancers provide the ultimate in gloss and protection. This one’s designed for high- or[...]

COMPASS Drying Agent – (CPS-601)

Ultra concentrated drying agent like no other. Quickly breaks water, dramatically reducing drying time. With a very pleasant citrus scent and long lasting results, it’s sure to please. Starting dilution: 360 to 1.   CPS-601[...]

COMPASS glow foam- (CPS-700)

Our Glow Foam taken to new levels. This ultra concentrate has our highest levels of color and scent ever offered. Extreme wild cherry scent and vibrant canary yellow, hot pink and electric blue. This high[...]


Our best total vehicle protectant yet! This highly concentrated product offers remarkable shine to multiple surfaces including glass, trim, chrome and all painted surfaces. Piña Colada scent. Starting dilution: 240 to 1.   CPS-602 SDS[...]

COMPASS Wax – (CPS-603)

This COMPASS product imparts a high gloss shine that provides weeks long protection by bonding to vehicles surface. This Carnauba product will keep your customers coming back for more. Tropical punch scent. Starting dilution: 120[...]

Winter Glow Foam Polish – (WX-256)

Our winter formula was specially created for all applications where Glow Foam or tri-foam products are used. Unique winter tri-foam “gloss enhancing” polish, available in assorted non-staining colors (hot pink, vibrant canary yellow, and electric[...]

Flash Dance – (WX-200)

An economical rinse aid and drying agent which produces remarkable beading action, Flash Dance quickly causes water to sheet off of vehicle surfaces. It’s also quite versatile and may be used in self-serve, automatic or[...]

Photo Finish (Foaming) – (WX-175)

Our remarkable self-serve foaming shine and gloss enhancer is available in vibrant pink foam with wild cherry fragrance for added customer appeal! Designed for the “foam wax” cycle, it can be used in self-serve or[...]

Action Dry – (WX-125)

Action Dry is the ultimate drying agent. The product creates quick breaking action, which dramatically reduces drying time. It also provides long lasting protection and can be shipped with or without a scent.   WX-125[...]

Glow Foam Wax – (WX-257)

Glow Foam Wax provides the remarkable qualities of Glow Foam Polish with added water sheeting agents to deliver faster breaking action and dry time. It also provides the added clear coat shine and protection expected[...]

COMPASS Wax – (CPS-604)

A unique hybrid sealer wax that reduces petroleum related detergents. Reclaim friendly and extremely durable to painted surfaces. Piña Colada scent. Starting dilution: 300 to 1.   CPS-604 SDS Sheet   Contact Us About This[...]

Glow Foam Detergent – (WX-260)

Enjoy a truly unique car wash soap for touchless automatic car washes! Glow Foam Detergent provides your customers with brilliant colored foam (hot pink, vibrant canary yellow and electric blue) with added foaming and lubricity[...]

HYB Sealer (WX-110)

  The HYB Sealer is a hydrocarbon-free drying agent, gloss enhancer, protectant and sealant in one — proving that our efforts aren’t exclusive to reclaim-friendly car wash cleaners. The first thing you’ll notice is its[...]

Glow Foam Low-pH – (WX-300)

This low-pH touchless tunnel car wash tri-foam wax is perfect for boosting business. Glow Foam Low-pH helps repel water to make your drying agents more productive. Drivers will speed through your car wash and be[...]

Action Clear Coat Sealer – (AT-142)

Now available in a new action formulation! Our premium-grade sealant and protectant is specially designed for today’s clear coat finishes. Its silicone enhancers provide the ultimate in gloss and protection, and you’ll enjoy its fresh[...]

Glow Foam Polish – (WX-255)

You’ll love our #1 selling Tri-Foam Polish for automatics! It’s easily the most unique tri-foam gloss enhancer polish on the market today. Glow Foam Polish provides a brilliant colored foam (hot pink, vibrant canary yellow[...]

Glow Foam Low-pH Reclaim (WX-305)

Glow Foam in a low-pH solution of DFE cleaners is effective in improving gloss and vehicle drying. Unlike competing products, JBS Industries created a formula free from NPE, HF and AFB. While primarily used for[...]

Action Glow Foam Polish – (AT-120)

Remarkable Action formula meets the power of Glow Foam to create the ultimate tri-foam polish! Action Glow Foam Polish provides brilliant colored foam (hot pink, vibrant canary yellow and electric blue) with special gloss-enhancing agents[...]

Fido Foam Conditioner – (FF–106)

Fido Foam Conditioner is a vitamin-infused conditioner for washing dogs that leaves pets’ fur soft, shiny and manageable. This formula is perfectly suited to any of our dog wash products. Purchase dog conditioner for dog washes[...]

Fido Foam Flea & Tick – (FF–105)

Fido Foam Flea & Tick is a high-quality dog shampoo for flea and tick treatment. It effectively rids pets of pests in one single wash. Our product restores natural luster to their appearance as well,[...]

Fido Foam Oatmeal Treatment Shampoo – (FF–104)

Fido Foam Oatmeal Treatment Shampoo is made of the finest colloidal oatmeal to provide the highest washing and bathing experience for any dog. Vitamin-infused, our exotic oatmeal treatment shampoo for dogs soothes dry, itchy or[...]

Fido Foam Stink Buster – (FF–103)

Fido Foam Stink Buster safely controls and contains all strong smells associated with your clients’ dogs. Our dog shampoo for odor control attaches itself to particular scents and effectively capsulates and neutralizes each and every[...]

Fido Foam Disinfectant – (FF–102)

Fido Foam Disinfectant is an outstanding all–purpose tub disinfectant. This versatile product can be applied to its cage to clean up a variety of messes. Fido Foam Disinfectant removes viruses, fungi and bacteria quickly and[...]

Fido Foam Tearless Shampoo – (FF–101)

Fido Foam Tearless Shampoo washes away dirt and odor thoroughly, while leaving your dog’s coat lustrous and easy to manage. Our vitamin-infused gentle dog wash shampoo also contains soothing Aloe Vera, which provides pets with[...]

Fonic Wash pH Plus (PR-180)

Our newest high-pressure, high-pH bay detergent creates a copious amount of foam that quickly breaks down. While JBS is known for a long-standing line of reclaim-friendly car wash soaps and related supplies, this product also[...]

Final Curtain (Low-PH) – (DT-160)

Formulated for maximum foam and lubricity, Final Curtain is a low-PH car wash soap for friction rollover car washes that softens film and soil that clings to vehicle surfaces. It also aids in quickly drying[...]

Winter Foam Brush – (DT–250)

  This non-freezing foam brush formula allows the use of foaming brush systems at temperatures down to 50°F below zero. The coldest areas deserve to have clean vehicles, too! Once people see the resulting shine[...]

JB-55 Foam Brush Plus – (DT–230)

This extremely concentrated product delivers the ultimate in customer appeal. You’ll be surprised by the unbelievable amounts of foam and lubricity our product produces, with an even more brilliant color and scent than the original[...]

Action Foam Brush – (AT–105)

  Our Action Foam Brush really delivers. With its super-concentration (high dilution ratios), selection (Pink & Cherry, Blue & Bubble Gum and the new Purple & Grape) and lubricity (enhanced formula) and its foaming action,[...]

Thick & Foamy Reclaim (DT-153)

With this product, JBS went the extra mile to create comprehensive car wash chemicals that are reclaim-friendly. Our high-foaming and lubricating foam brush detergent (to be used with the Foam Brush application) safely lifts and[...]

Thick & Foamy (Neutral pH) – (DT-150)

  Our friction rollover car wash product with extra high-foaming detergents, wetting agents and preservatives quickly wets and lifts road film, winter salt deposits, grime and heavy soil. It activates auto finishes for improved performance[...]

Fonic Wash – (DT–100)

  This is our ultimate foaming detergent, designed for self-serve, high pressure and full-serve foaming arch systems. This product is a unique blend of surfactants, which provide tremendous foaming, lubricity and cleaning action. It’s also extremely[...]

COMPASS Low pH Friction Detergent (CPS-101)

An extreme, highly concentrated low pH friction detergent. For use on any type curtain, brush or foam that requires maximum lubrication. Vanilla scent. Starting dilution: 300 to 1.   CPS-101 SDS Sheet Contact Us About[...]

Mako Terge – (DT-175)

  This unique alkaline detergent is designed for prepping vehicles before entering tunnel washes, and is best applied through high-pressure guns or brushes. It provides fantastic cleaning action and remains an excellent all-purpose cleaner. Very[...]


  Our newest high-pressure, high-pH bay detergent creates a copious amount of foam that quickly breaks down. While JBS is known for a long-standing line of reclaim-friendly car wash soaps and related supplies, this product also[...]

Compass Foam Brush (CPS-300)

The COMPASS line of foam brush detergents contain a unique blend of lubricating surfactants that allow the brush to glide across the surface to avoid scratches.  Available in yellow with tropical punch scent, electric blue with[...]

Compass High Pressure Soap (CPS-400)

This high pressure soap is pH balanced for maximum foam and customer appeal. Additional grime fighting surfactants have been added for additional cleaning power. Starting dilution: 360 to 1.   CPS-400 SDS Sheet Contact Us[...]

Compass Body Detergent (CPS-401)

A pH balanced body detergent with great lubricity and cleaning power. The high foaming formula provides copious amounts of foam for customer appeal.  Grape scent. Starting dilution: 360 to 1.   CPS-401 SDS Sheet  [...]

Action Detergent – (AT-100)

  You’ll want to see our new action formula designed for the self-serve, high-pressure detergent cycle or the full-serve foam arch application in person. The concentration level of this friction rollover car wash soap is[...]

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