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Want to deliver top-quality services to your customers? You’ll need the best car wash supplies and equipment available, but with so many options to choose from, it’s easy to make a mistake. Not all industrial car wash soaps and chemicals are created equally, and not every supplier and manufacturer goes out of their way to ensure you’re satisfied with your investment. Make sure the manufacturer you choose puts your business performance ahead of their own profits. Choose JBS Industries!

Your Source for Car Wash Products for Industrial Use


We manufacture the highest-grade industrial car wash products for self-serve and automatic commercial car washes. Our business has the benefit of real working experience, so we understand how our formulas will be put to the test. We won’t sell any products we wouldn’t use on our own vehicles, so you can trust that your clients will come away satisfied. Become the go-to car wash in any location by using our safe, reliable, high-performance car wash supplies for industrial use.

By utilizing only the best products available in the business, you’ll set yourself apart from your competition and become the only option discerning car owners will trust to keep their vehicles clean. Create a loyal customer base with superior car wash soap — for industrial use only. Your clientele won’t find our products on any retail shelf.

While select products are available in one-gallon units for testing purposes, most of our industrial car wash supplies start at five gallons. At JBS Industries, we pride ourselves on delivering the solutions business owners need at affordable prices. We package our car wash soaps and other chemicals so you’ll benefit every time you make a bulk order. The more you invest, the more you save!

Expanding Our Selection Beyond Industrial Car Wash Supplies


As our products excelled in the industry, it became clear that our cleaning solutions were suited to many business types. While we’ve maintained demand for our soaps and car wash chemicals for industrial use, we’ve also expanded our product line. Today, our customers own a full range of businesses, including:

  • Self-serve car washes
  • Automated car washes
  • Laundromats
  • Exterior maintenance
  • Traditional and mobile dog grooming stations
  • Washes for large vehicles and aviation

We also carry a line of green cleaning options that are 100% reclaim system friendly.

Helping You Build a Better Business

Any car wash can offer convenience. You need top-quality cleaning chemicals and equipment to make a difference. Make your customers’ cars shine and protect them from damage by using the industry’s best car wash supplies. And if you’re responsible for semi-trucks, planes, power washing or pet grooming? We’ll help you better your business as well. Kick start your success with superior soaps and other cleaning items. Contact JBS Industries today!

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